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  • I need computers for 3 riders using 2 bikes each. Is there a cheap way to get ride information? I had seen a dissussion about gps loggers, and wonder if they may give better info and be easier to swap between bikes

    Any ideas?


    Do you have smartphones?

    You could get a few mounts and just swap the phones over. Mapping as well.

    I have a smart phone but its not something I want the boys to have – not a cheap option either I suspect. I have been using my phone and logging my rides with that but it seems to be hit and miss when it comes to recording the route properly.


    garmin 200?


    garmin 510 team bundle evans cycles have deals on them comes with 3 of my best buys ever .can download your rides on to the garmin website and share if you want.

    I should stress the cheap bit – as I am looking for 3 🙂


    lidles when they got them in £5.95 awesom value for money.used one on my bike in majorca in april worked well.


    how cheap is cheap?

    £80 for a Garmin 200?

    Cheap as possible – will look in lidl, but I guess itll be wired and not have spare mounts

    Premier Icon JoeG

    I have one of the cheaper, wired computer (Sigma BC 1009) on each bike. The 1009 is an older model and is being replaced, so you might find them on sale. You’d need to buy 6, though.

    The model 1609 (old) and 1612 (new) can be programmed for 2 different wheel sizes, so you could move the computer between two bikes. They are available either wired or wireless.

    Just remember that swapping a wireless computer from bike to bike means that you need to move the computer on the handlebar, the transmitter on the fork, and the spoke magnet (which would be a PITA). And mounts and magnets usually don’t cost much less than a whole computer.

    I’d recommend buying 6 cheap computers (like this)and just leaving them on the bikes. That would just be the least hassle, IMO.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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