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  • redthunder

    Hi All,

    Before I let this loose on other forums/emails etc. Can some of you take a moment to fill out this survey I knocked together. It’s only 10 questions.

    Cyclist and Training Survey – Help

    Many thanks,


    I’ll post the results after a week or so.


    Thanks for the replies:

    Some stats so far (very crude) 26 responses:

    26 y n both/price/mayby
    1 As a cyclist have you ever read the Highway Code? 81 19
    2 As a cyclist have ever taken a cycling proficiency test? 46 54
    3 When cycling do you always wear a helmet? 85 4
    4 Do you cycle on the pavement ? 0 46 54
    5 Have you ever cycled up a one way street ? 38 62
    6 Have you ever cycled under the influence of drink or drugs? 65 35
    7 Have you ever used your phone while cycling? 23 77
    8 Do you feel fully equipped to deal with British roads to ensure your own safety and that of other road users ? 88 12
    9 Would you considering paying for dedicated cycle training by a qualified instructor, be it “one to one” or in a group. Not unlike car driving lessons but for cyclists? 8 54 27
    10 If cycling training were compulsory or even voluntary, and cyclists were better equipped to follow the rules of the roads, do you believe motorists, pedestrians and other cyclists themselves would all benefit from fewer accidents and a safer environmental the road? 42 31 27


    what is this for? nothing good can ever come of these things!!



    what are you trying to get to with this – does it have a particular purpose / agenda, or are you using the results to support a project?


    Just completed your survey,
    not knocking the survey,

    but i feel question 4 should have another answer, or be re-worded the other way do you ride on the road
    i almost always ride on the road but ride on the pavement the odd time to avoid potential conflict,
    in the same way as i would drive on the pavement when the road is narrow,
    but i wouldnt say i drive on the pavement

    surely the first question should filter out who is answering the survey,
    you obviously want cyclist that commute/road ride, (might be wrong)
    ie what sort of cyclist are you, on road commuter, recreational cyclist mtb or road etc

    And finally no.9 i am a qualified instructor 😀
    anyone want a lesson about how to ride on the road?????


    62 per cent have never cycled the wrong way up a one-way street?

    BTW – what’s a Mayby (Question 10)?


    Rode up a one way street this morning. It had a contraflow cycle access.


    Wow the numbers just jumped to 46.

    Once again thanks for the input. And the constructive inputs to improving the questions and additional answers.

    Nothing sinister.

    I’m trying to some do some research into whether people would consider having additional training or taking refresher courses if they were considering going back to cycling. Also to see if accidents are on the pickup as more people get back on there bikes.

    But then again this is a bike oriented forum. I might let it loose on the car forums shudder the real target audience.


    Premier Icon psling

    “62 per cent have never cycled the wrong way up a one-way street?”

    I bet a large percentage of those aren’t in towns / cities where you might commonly find a one-way street. For example, I would need to travel a very long way to find a one-way street that I might need to cycle along 🙂

    Might be worth adding an ‘age group’ question to your survey? A large number of cyclists are below driver training age and, other than ‘National Standard / Cycling Proficiency’ (which mostly takes place at junior school, rarely involves venturing out of the playground and includes no real theory), they have no real sense of how to behave properly and legally on the highway until they reach driving age and receive driver training. Or is this the age group you might be suggesting aiming training at? Having said that, the CTC offer National Standard training to people other than those of school age.


    I think you’re aiming at the wrong audience on here – we’re an obvious majority that wouldn’t think we needed additional training, after all, we’re all very good riders (aren’t we…?)

    I also reckon that what would perhaps work better, if you’re after people to consider more training would be a more structured questionnaire that highlighted some of the areas that ‘casual’ riders would be more concerned about, e.g. their safety, riding defensively etc. At present, you’re asking Y/N questions which are clearly written by someone who knows cycling, which is useful for fact gathering, but not identifying areas which people would like to address. And there’s no lead into how cycle instruction could help, as again it’s a Y/N.

    Could you get a website up and running or something, with a more exploratory questionnaire, and supporting info, and then get posters in your local leisure centres, bikeshops etc? Different audience completely then.

    i was going to do it but,

    i dont think that saying i’m a drink ‘n’ ride, phone using, pavement riding, (stoped at that point)

    realy justifies the fact i may ride back down the country lanes back form the post nite ride pub stop, i ride with the phone on handsfree so i can listen to the radio, and have to cross 30m of pedestrainised zone/pavement to get to the main road from my house.

    Sugest you re-do the survey with “on a scale of 1-10 how much do you agree with this statement” kind of answers.

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