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  • I’ve never used tape and it’s not really necessary to wait 24 hours between layers, IMO.

    New rims will need two layers of glue, make sure you get the nipple holes filled well.

    I also tape the braking surface as it stops any odd bits of glue getting on them, especially when mounting.

    Tufo tubs take a huge amount of glue initially, so again two layers, then glue, but they do take a bit of stretching.

    Its not really that hard a process.


    so again two layers, then glue, but they do take a bit of stretching.

    Cheers for the advice! So, if there’s two dry layers on the tyre, two dry layers on the rim is it then a wet layer over the tape (if im gonna use it?)or on the rim then followed by mounting the tyre? (the tyre will have a dry layer of glue going on to the wet rim?) if that made sense

    Sorry for the newbie questions! 😀

    Edric 64

    Use tape much easier !!

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    If your using glue, why use tape as well? I thought it was one or the other

    Don’t rush it otherwise they will roll off on the first off camber corner you hit.

    Look on Alans’s blog he has done a video on tub fitting


    I’m about to glue my first set of tubs, new tubs on to new rims. I havent ever done this before, so want to get it right for obvious reasons!

    They bits im using are:
    mavic reflex rims
    Tufo Cubus Tubs
    Vittoria Mastik Glue
    Velox Jantex tape

    Having trawled the net i’ve put a process in place that i thinks gonna work:

    Day 1.

    Stretch tubs on rims

    Day 2.

    Sand rims, clean with solvent

    Apply first layer of glue to the rim leave for 24h.

    Apply layer of glue to the tyre, leave for 24h

    Day 2.

    Apply second layer of glue to rim, leave to dry for 24h

    Day 3.

    Apply Jantex Tape

    Apply layer of glue over the tape

    Mount Tyre

    Leave inflated at 60psi to bond overnight

    I’m assuming this is gonna work, but, im not sure whether i’m going to need a layer of wet glue on the base tape of the tub before i mount the tyre, and do i put the velox tape onto wet glue or does this bit need to be dry!?

    Advice appreciated!


    was thinking of using the belgian taping method, but havent done it yet, i’ve ordered some tape but dunno if i’ll use it yet!

    alans blog is great for advice on tubs! There’s a few good ones, some suggesting the use of tapes, and others not bothering!


    You do NOT want to use just tape for cx tub! I have been using the ‘belgian’ tape + glue method for a few years and am yet to roll one glued this way. I recently came across this how-to which offers a few extra additional tips –


    Can’t see why you would use tape. I do it as Swedish Chef but don’t both taping the brake surfaces. Once the tub is on I inflate and make sure it is central and running true. The deflate and run over the length of a broom handle ( to make sure the tub is fully engaged with the central part of the rim) then inflate again and leave overnight


    Make sure you get the rims good and clean with the solvent.
    After rolling a taped tub off the rim I now glue and tape.
    Close to your method but I apply glue to both rim and inflated tub then leave overnight. Next day tape the rim and apply another layer of glue to tub, wait 10-15min depending on air temp then fit tub to rim.
    Line up then pump up hard, deflate and roll on broom handle as MikeWW suggests, then pump back up again.
    I find a set of forks inverted in a vice helps alignments.

    I never use tape as well as glue on mine, I’m a 2 coats on the tub, 2 on the rim all left to dry between coats, then a mounting coat guy, but that’s on wide carbon rims and FMB tubs. If I were using reflex/tufo combo then I would use tape before the last layer of glue. Reflex rims have a deep channel and the tufo’s aren’t the greatest for adhesion so don’t offer the greatest contact and can roll easily.


    Sorry to jump in on this but are tubs better / easier than going tubeless?


    Why use the tape is glueing? Surely the glue will either be stronger than the tape sticky in which case the tape is pointless or the tape sticky will be stronger in which case why use glue.
    I am sure there is a good reason, just don’t know it.

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    Sorry to jump in on this but are tubs better / easier than going tubeless?

    Better for ultimate performance, but more faff

    Tape works well on road tubs as the pressure helps keep them in place and the process is cleaner than using glue. Hovwever tape adds a thick layer which in turn makes the tub sit higher on the rim, this is not desirable for cross where low pressures are used.

    Why use tubs, performance mainly, but also ’cause its kinda cool.

    hugh jardon

    My glueing method is pretty much as you describe V12jat but with 2 dry layers on the tub prior to mounting.

    I was of the understanding that the tape helps build up the centre of the rim allowing the tub to have more contact area when mounted.

    This being required as most rims are designed for tubs of around 22 or 23mm and not CX tubs of 32mm?


    This is also my understanding of why tape and glue are used, to fill the gap between rim and cx tub!

    If tape will help prevent rolling a tub off then I’m all for giving it a go.. Canny be arsed with that happening! 🙂

    Tried cx tubeless, with a mavic aksium rim and cx pro tyre which worked well until I hit a massive rock! The tubs will only be used for racing, so the low pressures without burping tyres etc will be a major advantage!

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