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  • CX question, Salsa bell laps / On one Midge bars.
  • MicArms

    Currently using On one midge bars and find the pronounced flare is quite quite irritating( not racing by the way, for pootles and commutes etc) but can’t get on with ordinary road bars. Quite how flared are the Salsas?


    The Salsa’s have a little flare but nowhere near the Midge, a good compromise.



    HIJAK: and hows the comparison between the BellLaps and the WTB Mountain Road Drop Bar???

    Designed for cyclocross use
    7075-T6 aluminum
    12° flared drops and larger bends
    Anatomic bend, double-groove
    26.0 or 31.8mm clamp, 42-46cm sizes
    144mm drop, 82mm reach
    Black bead-blast finish

    Mountain Road Drop Bar:
    31.8mm 600mm 6061 t6 aluminum 127mm drop | 110 mm reach 460g ergonomic bends | 3º flare

    is the Bell Lap as wide as the WTB at its max width?


    Personally I HATED the anatomic bend in the bell laps. I quite like Midges but feel the drops are a little short – like your hands might slip off the end. Not that this has ever happpened but it’s unnerving. Have you tried shallow drops like the FSA wing pros? My current favourite.

    Premier Icon Teetosugars

    I love my Bell Laps on my CX..
    They just feel “right”

    Great Shape, and greet Feel… and ist not to far to reach when in the drops.


    i love mine, they certainly give me a bit more control on descents.

    teetosugars, that’s not black salsa bar tape in the bottom image is it?

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    I’ve got Midges and Bell Laps.

    After using the Midge for a while then jumping on the bike with the Bell Lap’s on they feel very narrow.

    Not as narrow as a road bar, but still takes me a little while to adapt to them.

    You’re welcome to have a spin round on em to see if you like them.


    On my cross bike, I’ve recently fitted some short and shallow EA70s. 75mm reach, 130mm drop, no flare. perfect.


    Cheers Stu, will try and sort out a time on friday if you’re free. What width are your bell laps?

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    Think they’re 460mm.

    I’d have to measure them.

    I should be about on friday, just give us a shout.

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