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  • stick_man

    I’m looking for some new disc wheels for my CX bike with a budget of up to around £300.

    I use the bike for winter road riding too but they need to be tough enough for enthusiastic off road riding by a 15 stone rider.

    Had a look at Superstar, Merlin and JRA but not sure what’s good and what’s not. Rather avoid Shimano hubs if possible.


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    I’ve got some American Classic Huricanes on my Moda Calore. Nice wheels, but might be a bit more than £300 unless you can find a deal somewhere.


    I’ve got Mavic TN729 rims which work fine for road tyres as well as cross and MTB. They’ll take high pressures too, which Stans MTB rims won’t. They’re not especially light or fashionable, but they are tough enough for a hefty bloke like me to rattle through potholes with skinny tyres on. Hub choice is down to budget I guess.

    Hope Hoops 29er on Mavic 719 discs?


    Shouldn’t they be road rims if he’s going to run road and cross tyres?

    Have the options moved on since the old faithful Mavic Open Pros or CXP33s? The latter were considered more robust being semi aero and some even suggested they shed mud better. Mine were great on 105 on a Kinesis Crosslight non disc, my smoothest bike ever.

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    I’ve got as set of Hope hoop 29er with MAvic 719 rims from my Clockwork. They are brand new and never ridden, email in profile if you want more info.


    What Blazin-saddles said +1


    I use both Hope Hoops on Mavic 719 and a Pair of Halo Aero Warrior disc wheels. Both pairs work well for CX or a 29er. The Halo wheels spin better than the Hopes but the Hopes are still good with a better rim I reckon.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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