CX bike thread…. humor me… .go on… i dare you :)

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  • CX bike thread…. humor me… .go on… i dare you :)
  • Premier Icon martymac

    You can either replace the outer cable, which involves removing bar tape,
    Or do what i did and just tape the outer together, she ran it like that until the bar tape was buggered, then we replaced the lot.

    Premier Icon weeksy

    Got a message from NoBeer last night, they’ve already been removed πŸ™‚ So that problem doesn’t exist anyway.

    Thanks for the pic though πŸ™‚

    Premier Icon martymac

    Aye nae worries, post some pics up once you get yours eh 😎😎

    Premier Icon weeksy

    Bike works a treat πŸ™‚

    It’s now assumed the position it’s going to spend most of it’s time.

    [url=]2019-09-13_09-51-54[/url] by Steve Weeks, on Flickr

    Works like a treat, lovely bike and a credit to the previous owner on here πŸ™‚

    I’ve fitted a different wheel and the gears are not quite 100% despite having a fiddle with the adjuster so may need to loosen it off and re-do. It’s only 1-2 gears but it’s the gears i actually want to use on Zwift LOL.

    Zwift race doesn’t give a true representation of the event, not sure how so few were in the end results, we had 20 in C LOL. I finished 6th i think but even Zwift companion isn’t showing it… Race started pretty well with a 25 mins warm up at a decent pace, then sat in the lead group until 19 mins in and a couple of Cs were ridiculous, one of them averaging 4.5w/kg LOL… seriously. But they pulled away from us and left a group of 2, me and 1 bloke, we did a lap and a guy we’d dropped caught us at an ideal moment as i’d lost my riding mates wheel by 3s and he towed me back in. 5km to go on the layout it’s a 3-4% drag, i lost their wheel there and didn’t power on for it, i was cooked. Cruised to the end for a result.
    My power and performances are FAR from inspiring me at the moment, but all i can do it train, diet and train some more…I’m getting better slowly…. But i’m a chunk away from my best days.

    Glad you like it Weeksy, and that it finally arrived after yesterdays hilarity 🙄🤣

    Premier Icon weeksy

    Anything specific i need to know on Tubeless with CX stuff then fellas ?

    The tyres currently on are none tubeless, but i can certainly get some before April next year. I’ll likely go Gorilla Tape πŸ˜‰ Yeah i know i know…

    Any pitfalls etc ?

    Or would you just get something fairly sturdy but non tubeless and take a couple of tubes ?

    Premier Icon weeksy

    Well I took it outside for its debut. Which was pretty useful.

    Gearing needed tweaking as j wasn’t getting gear 1, that’s all good now.

    Comfort is good.

    Speed is good

    Brakes don’t exist. The levers there and they sort of do something but it’s like going back to 1992


    Premier Icon weeksy

    As you may have seen, the CX bike has been on a slippery slope of being potentially sold. Due to advice of wisdom on here I’m trying a few things.

    Been testing and the seat was about 15mm further back than my usual position using plumb line off the knee. Not everyone uses that, but both my other bikes are set up the same, so we’ll see. Will also decrease the reach and hence the stretch which may help too with the back/neck.
    Will measure top tube to give overall reach on both too out of interest and compare to the CX bike.

    Of course I get that road bikes and MTB are different so may be different and need getting used to.

    We’ll see if the legs play ball tomorrow and allow me a ride

    Premier Icon weeksy

    I’ve spent the morning with the credit card out.

    Accomodation, booked
    Eurotunnel, booked
    Hotel at Folkestone, booked

    Just need to wait for the event entry to open, get that booked and we’re golden !

    i have a planet x/ on one space chicken have done some touring on it, i use it as winter road bike and do some gravel riding, love mine. It takes a rack and mudguards. a few in our club have also bought them.

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