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  • Cwmcarn or Gawton for trail uplift???
  • trailmonkey

    Can Gawton Compare to Cwmcarn??

    From what I've heard, you may have that the wrong way around.


    Cheers Munki,

    My Mistake, Your Fault. 😉

    Can Cwmcarn compare to Gawton????

    I'm a trail centre XC :-)type by the way. Not a DHer :twisted:.


    Last time I checked, about a month ago, the Gawton uplift wasn't running til they sorted the access road out.

    i'd say if you're more into xc, hsd at gawton would probably be you're bag. fast flowy, and fun but not particularly taxing.
    cwm carn in my opinion has a bit more gnarl (all rollable) to it but not as much as egypt or super tavi at gawton, they're both pretty technical.



    Eagerly awaiting the arrival of my new M'wood Shova frame and i'm planning our first weekends away.

    Has any one experienced both of these venues on an uplift day and how do they compare please??

    I know Gawton has the HSD trail like descent and Cwmcarn has the XC & DH. Can Gawton Compare to Cwmcarn??

    Yes, I will be riding my new ride up some hills aswell, its just that I fancy doing somthing different on my new bike!!

    Cheers & Beers


    they are both good. Have ridden both quite a few times. gawton has more varity than Cwm Carn, 3 tracks, one xc type, one natural steep and tech and one balls out.

    CC has the big dh track. nothing too taxing… some big jumps. and the xc loop.

    both are worth a visit… but for a full day out Gawton every time.

    Gawton's uplift is back on on the 17th Oct.


    I haven't ridden cwmcarn dh (done xc 10+ times) but rode gawton the other day. For a trail centre rider I think cwmcarn would be a better bet. unless you're heading over to tavi-woods as well as gawton itself. With the 3 tracks at gawton and numerous more at tavi-woods you can easily fill a weekend.
    gawton is steep, no mistake and although hsd is good i don't know if cwmcarn offers a more middle ground?


    The uplift at Cwmcarn is also more professionally done, although the Gawton lift is super quick and still very effective. The access road is soooooo steep at Gawton and you get bounced around a lot, but because of the gradient you're up in around 12-15 miniutes whereas Cwmcarn turnaround is typically about 25 minutes from the point you arrive back at the carpark to when you're ready to do your next run.

    Egypt (Gawton) in the wet is pretty tricky and may not be much fun if you're not used to riding steep, slippy DH runs.

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    I'd go to gawton but then it's only a five minute drive away.

    Tavi-woodlands is a giggle but no uplift there.


    How much is the uplift at Gawton? And am I right in thinking that it's only run on a Sunday?

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    Saturdays and Sundays or on demand If you can get together enough people(5 I think)



    I've ridden both. Gawton is a LOT harder than Cwmcarn. If you're not a DHer you will struggle at Gawton, with the exception of the HSD track there.

    Cwmcarn however gives you lots of options, and the trail was designed to be rideable by non-DH types. Plus you have the XC/trail loop plus variations on it. …Plus the uplift at Cwmcarn is the most professional in the UK.

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    Not ridden Gawton (though i'd like to) so I can only comment on how good I think Cwmcarn is. Uplift was very well run when we went and you have the choice of whether to run the DH tracks all day, or if you wanted you can also hop off the bus and ride the last section of the XC route or the free ride park, like a couple of folk did when we were there. DH track down is super fun and I could happily spend a day running it, I wouldn't call it too hard or techy, we along with some other chaps were just running it on our hardtails. The last section of the XC track is also good, single track all the way and just so much fun.


    Gawton is awesome but aint really good for novices, anyone can roll down cwmcarn dh but its still great fun. the gawton uplift is a bit more of a rough affair but the bikes are pretty well restrained from mating in the trailer iirc its £30 a day now.

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