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    are you serious?

    it’s almostly certainly ****ing snowy.

    IF the snow *has* melted enough, it’ll be a bottomless bog until august.


    Haven’t been there myself recently, but it’s normally a bit of a bog on top in anything other than drought conditions. I imagine there’s probably a lot of snow up there too, some of the roads in Derbyshire still have a pretty thick covering of snow so off road will probably be even worse.


    Honestly, its going to be 3/4ft drifts.

    Take a peek at my pics on here from yesterday, taken about 5 miles away, it’s like this across the dark peak – some rideable bit but areas of big drifts and snow: reaqlly depends how much you want to ride and how much you want to carry and/or push.


    I always enjoy a “what’s-it-like-on-Cut-Gate” thread 🙂


    To give you an idea, this is about 4 miles away, lower down and more sheltered:

    And this is a trail in the same area, the drift is across the trail, not the side of it:

    Can you remember the days before the interweb when we just used to go and find out, oh the adventure!


    I drove to Sheffield via Woodhead yesterday and back via the Snake Pass yesterday. The Woodhead side is definitely a lot worse than the Snake side and the tops still have some huge drifts which show no sign of drifting.

    I had desires on Cut Gate tomorrow but when you look from the across from Langsett Reservoir the whole Cut Gate valley is just a sea of snow, even the Langsett car park looked bad !

    Give it a miss chief

    Life at the bottom of cut gate has been a nightmare all week ,even the nextdoor neighbour who keeps the langsett moor cant/wont venture up on foot

    Can someone tell me the condition of the cut gate trail,i was thinking about doing the cut gate trail from the dark peak boo for the first time today but was wondering how rideable it is.cheers


    I was on cut gate woodhead side on foot on Friday. Went to look at the snow hole that some from woodhead MRT had built. Path was nicely compacted snow and would have been rideable. But I was with the kids so we didn’t go that far up.

    I’d imagine drifts and deep stuff higher up. Certainly slushy low down too..

    The top bogs may still be frozen if you head up early in the day…


    just looked at the avalanche link above

    in the sixties two climbers died above Greenfield (sort off) in an avalanche, recent 50 year commeration:

    before my time but i remember climbers still talking about it in the seventies as all were well known

    Sorry to interrupt. Is snake pass rideable? And how about the strines? I am considering riding Homfirth, Holme Moss, Glossop, Snake Pass, Strines, Holmfirth. Does anybody know if it is clear ?


    I would be surprised if Strines is in a good condition as they said they’d probably not be able to dig out bradfield till this weekend

    I was told that cut gate area had some good singletrack and ive been wanting to do it for a while now but from what i keep hearing is that its massively boggy most of the time.Going to have to leave that trail for another time at min though got to end of howden reservoir where the trail really starts for cut gate and its still covered in deep snow so just had to head back to fairholmes.Still enjoyed getting out on bike though.

    howden reservoir this morning

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