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    Looking at options for recycling on project where we use a broker, phone the co. who remove the waste in question

    Hi can you tell me what you with X please

    No sorry, we’re not allowed to take questions directly you’ll have to through the broker


    Hi broker what Y do with X

    They take it to Y

    Yes I know that, then what do they do with it?

    You’ll have to ask Y


    share yours

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    I had this trying to recover a long-dormant Playstation account (created when I had a PS2). Trying to log in told me my account didn’t exist; trying to create a new one told me that I couldn’t because an account with that name already existed.

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    Didn’t someone on here have a thing with Hermes never being able to find his address and always returning stuff to the sender, so he sent a parcel to himself to see what would happen?

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    To the OP – don’t use a broker, just go direct to the waste firms. I never understood why people use brokers, it’s just the same as those scam companies that offer to fill in an ETSA visa in for you for £20 or other weird intermediaries.
    And if you are a big enough firm you should have some sort of environmental manager to sort this out anyway. If it’s a small firm just go direct.

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    @IHN This one?

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    I have had rather fun with Scottish power.  My rental flat ha had a non functioning meter for 3 years.  I ave made multiple attempts to get it sorted ending up in those loops many times.  I have given up and the tenants get free ellecy

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    I am the (client side) environmental manager. It’s one of the big brokers working for a major pincipal contractor on a £1bn infrastructure project as part of unincorporated JV with one of the world’s biggest engineering consultancies…blue Chip …yadda yadda… And we still can’t get a sensible answer!

    (We will but only once we’ve negotiated the labyeinthine Machiavellian horrors of the call centre

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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