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  • Custom Team Kit – Recommendations?
  • Premier Icon continuity
    Full Member

    I’ve used Endura in the past: their design is good and their product is very high quality.

    For the same order (5 skinsuits, 10 jerseys), at the moment the quotes are

    Nopinz – 1650
    Endura – 1400
    Provision – 1111

    Does anyone else have any experience of really good quality custom kit in the UK where the company has a decent designer on board willing to invest energy into making your idea look good (rather than just printing block colours and logos on a Chinese jersey).

    Premier Icon StuF
    Full Member

    stolengoat can do custom orders – their kit is great but not worked with their custom design

    Premier Icon kilo
    Full Member

    A friend used Pactimo and it’s good kit, no idea on minimum orders though

    Premier Icon mashr
    Full Member

    I’ve used Endura in the past: their design is good and their product is very high quality.

    That’s interesting, heard of various clubs giving up on Endura after trying to deal with really poor quality (like tops not actually stitched together properly)

    Pactimo are very good. Won’t be cheap though

    Premier Icon jonba
    Free Member

    We gave up on endura as we didn’t rate it.

    Kalas were good with acceptable minimum orders and a range of pro to training.

    We also tried Castelli, nice kit bit minimum order was a bind.

    No Pinz was good but very much race day wear. It’s not built for a long life.

    Not sure on the design aspect, one of our team did the concept themselves. The company just made it work on their clothing patterns.

    Premier Icon TiRed
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    Nopinz are very good. Some of us use them above our official club kit suppliers (who also have skinsuits – Champion and Le Col). I’ll be going back for another for 12h duties. I have an Endura GB skin suit too which is OK and we’ve had club made up as well. I prefer Nopinz. Comfort and build trumps price. They also do proper custom = they’ll measure the rider and adjust the skinsuit accordingly.

    And they’re in Devon 😀

    Premier Icon weeksy
    Full Member

    I’ve used Owayo…. but not in UK, only Germany though.

    Premier Icon jimdubleyou
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    The Fridays use this lot for club kit –

    I don’t have any of it, but the ride leaders all use it when they don’t have to, so I doubt it’s rubbish.

    Premier Icon continuity
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    Kalas was 2100 for the same order as the above. Castelli’s MOQ doesn’t work for us – we can get 10+ of lots of stuff but we want a couple of aerosuits for the dedicated blokes.

    Stolen goat want £195 for a road race all in one. That’s like 1/3 more than nopinz, and 2/3 more than endura. Can’t justify that!

    Premier Icon sandwicheater
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    Our club also use

    Seems OK stuff. Lucky that it’s just up the road from us so can try it on before ordering.

    Reminds me i need to put an order in.

    Premier Icon freeagent
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    I’ve used Owayo…. but not in UK, only Germany though.

    I’ve used Owayo (ordering from the UK) for 3 different jersey orders, the last was in 2018.
    The Jerseys i’ve got are excellent quality – they’ve been washed on a 40C wash 100s of times and show no wear at all.

    Brexit may have made this route more difficult though..?

    Premier Icon steve_b77
    Free Member

    The team I currently run and the one prior to that uses Vanelli custom sports wear they’re based in Market Harborough, manufactured in Europe and it’s really good quality stuff with a great range of kit, and when it comes to skin suits, they’re fully tested in a wind tunnel and seriously quick, like much quicker than one that doesn’t have any pins on it 😉

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