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  • Got a new (to me) frame, already stripped to bare metal, and wondering what to do with it. Could take the boring option and get it powder coated in one plain colour, but wondered how good/inspired/awful a sprayed job could look?


    oh you could go for a Mondrain inspired thing:

    mainly white frame but yellow BB housing, red head tube and one of the seat stays in blue, all other kit on the bike to be in black?

    …a little too retro?


    My old Socom was unusual!

    Was actually a water transfer wrap (sound odd but was incredibly hardwearing). Intense got a couple done as one offs by these guys:


    Bloody expensive though!


    my inbred in team colours – purple and white at the local painters with gold decals by the boy racer place.


    oh that Prairie Ghost or Mothwing would look very cool with black outlined red body colour graphics!

    Premier Icon myheadsashed

    Spectrum did the paint job on my ‘cross bike.


    If you look at v10’s link it says ‘the most common items decorated are shown in our retail price list’ I clicked on it expecting bike frame etc etc. Nope. Shotguns, Rifles, Handguns, and Bows. Good ‘ol US of A

    Alex, that is a nice idea, but i just cant see it. I love the look of some of the Rocky Mounatin jobs, but obviously no good on a Reign.
    Thinking of doing it myself with spray and piping, and the worst that can happen, is it looks gash and i get it stripped and powder coated for £40.


    Custom blue powder coated

    with pink details

    nunuboogie, a nice idea, but those in the know will realise i’m done with powder blue. In the lower picture that paint looks a beautiful shade tho, like my old Singular. Really like that colour for a more retro looking bike.

    I like the cameo patterns but won’t post my ‘Dale to USA. Anybody more local, say within UK?

    I have seen someone do something similar with wood pattern laminate stuff, easy to do on a basic round-tubed frame.

    Premier Icon Teetosugars

    Theres a company in York that do that woodland camo thing…

    There was a guy on here that had his Spesh done by them..

    Can’t think of the company name tho’..



    My 853 Inbred after an Argos Cycles respray. It’s the high spec 2-pack powdercoat they have, transfers under the laquer, and it seems incredibly hard wearing, and looks fantastic for a single colour


    I’ve just had a black gloss powder coat done for £40 inc bead blast. Can’t wait to collect it :O)

    I’ve even got some special stickers for it.



    The place in york is called hydrographics (Not that I’m remembering because I want to get my bike done or anything, oh no…).


    Nunuboogie – is that an IF? It’s a very fetching shade of blue, more like duck egg than powder blue in the pictures – it is very nice!

    Swift – how about this iridescent job? It’s not mine (really not my bag baby), I just saw it on eBay and thought I had to keep the pictures!

    My Nicolai (has been posted here before) is Metallic British Racing Green with a bright white rear triangle. The BRG looks almost black in low light, but is just amazing out in the sun.

    I also have a spesh in pearlescent white done by Argos. It doesn’t quite look pearlescent in the pictures but it’s sweet nevertheless.


    ‘Rat Bike’ paint job. Can of hammerite lightly & badly sprayed over original paint to make it look rubbish.

    Keeping it real and able to lock up in public 😀

    (contaption stuff is an Xtracycle)


    Nicolai Helius/Snow Camo

    I customise mine with rocks.

    I had a Giant reign powder coated in ‘Antique Copper’ it was lush!!

    Premier Icon Tracey

    Abigales, metalic pink



    geetee1972 no its a rocklobster purchased off here a few months ago.
    Sprayed by a mate who works for a steel firm! Very pleased with the outcome.

    That snow camo helius looks awesome, and something you could achieve personally.

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