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  • toppers3933

    Mrs Toppers has a gem stone that she got in Australia while travelling a good few years ago and would like it making into a ring or necklace. Does anyone have any recommendations? I’ve found a couple on the internet but thought it might be worth an ask on here.


    How about mounting it into a Mint Sauce pendant? I’m sure someone could lend you one to copy from…


    I had a ring made by posting a wanted ad (with a good description) on Etsy, I was contacted by a few jewellers around the world but went for an American in the end and was really happy with the result.

    Looking on Etsy now they no longer do the “Custom listing” bit but maybe contact a few of the sellers on there.

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    If you’re anywhere near Birmingham there are a good few places in the Jewelry Quarter that would do this. They’re not online and you’d have to go and speak to a few but I know they do it.

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    Very happy with a couple of custom rings made for us by Marion Kane. Doesn’t do online as far as I know but if your are anywhere near West Kilbride worth a phone call to see if she could do what you are after.

    PS though specialising in silver she does work in gold as well.

    Mrs BP and I made wedding rings for each other on a guided day at ‘workshop 22’ in Bristol, we enjoyed it and had good results.


    My cousin’s husband is a jeweller in Edinburgh and does lovely bespoke pieces: Liam Ross. He designed my engagement and wedding rings, plus a beautiful necklace to wear on the day. I suspect he’s not particularly cheap (it wasn’t me paying for the above pieces!), but he’s very very good!

    I had the wife’s engagement ring and wedding ring custom made by P&A Jewelry in Sheffield. Excellent communication from them – I was living in Edinburgh at the time – lots of pictures and “practice” rings made, and they didn’t finalise anything until I’d been down to visit. Again, not exactly cheap, but then I/she was getting a one-of-a-kind piece.


    thanks guys.

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    Stacey @ Ice in Worcester is brilliant. Had some fantastic stuff custom made by her.

    Jewellery Design and creation


    Check out heather woof. Really beautiful pieces.


    Find a jeweler whose work you like and call them.
    If you like contemporary stuff, try dazzle contemporary jewelry or trawl round some galleries.
    I got Catherine Mannheim (London based) to make my wife’s engagement ring, it is lovely and often remarked on.

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    Sheldon who frequents here has a Mrs called mandy that makes jewellery


    Ex BIL is a goldsmith in Careleon, South Wales, Rafi Goldsmith makes some really nice pieces.


    Christopher Ness in Edinburgh is top drawer for more traditional stuff.

    For more artsy stuff Maike Browning on the Isle of Mull is very good.

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    +1 for Marion Kane up in sunny West Kilbride

    *I know her, my wife uses her for jewellery work – excellent prices and product.

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