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    Custom 29er Fork project idea

    So, I’ve been waiting for a fork for about 8 months, and it looks like they’re so rare, I aint gonna get one, new or secondhand.
    I could reach in my pocket, learn patience til July and buy a 2013 Fox 32 Talas 95-120 for £900+.

    But, I’ve run Rock Shox for years and love my old Reba 29 SLs, even if they do flex about as much as a steel fork…
    Plus, I’m confident ripping them apart, servicing and bashing back together.

    So, could I make one from a donor fork and Rock Shox spare parts catalogue?
    Is this going to end up being ridiculously expensive/challenging? Anyone done this? Or anything similar? Am I being stupid/overly optimistic?

    I want:
    Maxle – 15 or 20mm
    Tapered Steerer
    80-120mm travel (though 90-120 with U-Turn would be fine)

    So, I am thinking I need:
    REBA 80-120mm tapered CSU, (U Turn Specific?)
    a lower with Maxle (REBA or Revelation?)
    U-turn assembly
    I also know some lowers had dodgy machining on, so wheels didn’t sit in straight, so must find some without this problem…

    Anyone got advice?
    Anyone got any spares they want to part with to help me?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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