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  • Farrago

    Grrrr. One of my friends is having a dinner party tonight. The last time he did that, out of 8 guests three had bad luck and couldn’t go (one got hit by a car whilst cycling and was in hospital for a month, someone else had a relative die, someone else got really ill).

    It’s like something out of final destination, this time I almost got hit by an idiot driver who pulled out without looking then this morning another cyclist (you know the type, slow, old rusty bike, completely unaware of their surroundings) cut me up at a junction causing me to swerve to avoid him and managing to catch my trouser leg on the chainrings (some tearing, fair amount of oil stains) and of course I have a fairly important meeting at work today.

    I just hope that’s all my dinner party related bad luck out of the way:/

    Arrgghghh!!!!! (Apologies for lack of swearing and minimal typos just had to get that out).

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    Car keys in the fruit bowl and you got the minger last time?


    It was the salmon mousse..

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    13 for dinner? Poor form you know.


    Had bad luck? Your horoscope predict that eh?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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