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  • Albanach

    Butterfly them and fry and serve with different dips or sauces – kids could go with lemon type mayo maybe and adults sweet chilli or just make a batch of Thai green curry sauce and add to the adults portions?


    Prawn curry…. mmmmmm.

    Alternatively put them in a dish with garlic, chopped chilli and butter, heat in oven then nosh with crusty bread. Nom-tastic.

    Sproglet will want this

    Fry them in lots of butter with fresh ginger, chilli, garlic, coriander or parsley and lime/lemon juice. Serve them in a bowl with a big chunk of bread to mop up the juices. Nice glass of steeley sauv blanc or chablis. Wow. You can always do another frying pan for the kiddo without the chilli.

    Premier Icon StefMcDef

    Prawn and leek risotto is a nice combo if you want to stick to the blander end of the flavour spectrum to keep junior happy.

    Having said that, just butterflying them then roasting them in garlic butter, or chilli oil, and having some nice crusty bread to mop up the juices with, is a good shout.


    Actually how about this – pretty popular here:
    Prawn and chorizo paella
    Serves 4

    Your king prawns
    4 tbsp olive oil
    1 large onion, finely chopped
    3 garlic cloves chopped
    1 tsp ground turmeric
    115g chorizo sausage
    225g long grain rice
    700ml chicken stock
    4 tomatoes, skinned, seeded and chopped (or lob a tin of chopped toms in)
    1 red pepper, seeded and sliced
    115g frozen peas
    salt and black pepper

    Heat the oil in a large non-stick pan and add the onion and garlic, and stir in the turmeric. Cook for 2 minutes.
    Slice the chorizo and add to the pan with the rice and stock. Bring to the boil and season to taste, then cover and continue to cook on a medium heat for 15 minutes.
    Add the chopped tomatoes, sliced red pepper and frozen peas, and cook for a further 10 minutes and the rice has absorbed the stock.

    (I use this for chicken and chorizo but prawn and chorizo would be just as lovely)


    Risotto with the prawns pan-fried in a tiny bit of chili and lime


    Prawn Satay, spiciness can be adjusted to suit?

    Another favourite of ours is to make up a litre of chicken stock, put it in a big pan, add garlic, 2 bruised lemongrass stalks, chopped ginger, chilli, and give it a simmer for 10 mins. Discard the lemongrass, add king prawns, a good glug of soy sauce, cooked noodles and a variety of veg, sugarsnaps, baby corn, pak choi for example. Give it a quick simmer to cook the prawns and soften the veg. Serve it in bowls. We also do this with shredded chicken, and sometimes prawns and chicken.

    I have some king prawns to use, never made a dish with them before.

    What do the STW collective recommend? I fancy something Thai based, but need to be careful with the heat / chillis as the sproglet will also be having some


    This works:

    Garlic, ginger, a smidge of deseeded chopped chilli, handful of spring onion/white cabbage/leek (any will do), salt, pepper, lime juice, peeled prawns. You can also add minced pork, or some white fish, or some minced chicken as well to increase the volume.

    Mince the lot together in the blender until you have a rough paste – then take ping-pong ball sized lumps and shape into little burgers. Dust each with flour, then fry in hot oil until crisp either side.

    You can have soy/chilli sauce/spicy mayo on the side, and junior will love them, plus you’ve got some veg into the nipper by stealth. Also – keep the heads and shells for making stock. Lovely.

    Premier Icon zbonty

    Paella looks good!

    Was’nt there a prawn recipe on teh Apprentice last night..

    Thanks everyone, some good suggestions, keep em coming 🙂

    ‘Junior’ can cope with a bit of heat, just don’t wanna go too mad for her.
    Can’t think of many things more difficult than an 8 yr old complaining her bum burns when she poops the next day* 😉

    *this may pale into insignificance when she hits puberty :-/

    Premier Icon portlyone

    We have this quite often when king praws are on offer in tescos, and its a weight watchers meal, but dont let that put you off, its really quick and delicious, just add chill flakes at the end if you want spice.

    Stif fry prawns until pink (less time if already cooked).
    add diced mango
    add bag of tilda steamed (pre cooked) rice (either lime & corriander, or coconut lemnongrass). Stir fry this for a bit to heat through rice
    and a few handfulls of shredded bany spinahch, until slightly wilted.
    Squeeze of lime juice at the end (1 or 2 limes) and your done. (add chilli flakes if desired)

    prawn and mango rice, TASTY!!

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