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  • Cues crankset with microshift/sram/hyperglide comptability
  • rihearn
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    I’m building a ‘new’ bike for my 12 year old. The original plan was just to swap all the old components over to a larger frame I have. However on closer examination he needed a new bottom bracket and his cassette, chain and front mech were all knackered.

    I decided a microshift 9 speed setup might be good and I’d ditch the front mech and run a single ring crank. Finding a suitable setup for the spare square taper i’ve fitted to the frame doesn’t give many choices though. I’ve been looking at a cues 32 tooth. It says link glide rather than hyperglide/sram but I figured as I wasn’t asking the chain to move off the single ring this wouldn’t be a problem with a 9 speed sram chain. All the work is done by the compatible cassette, mech and chain at the back.

    Does anyone have any experience here? Is my logic flawed?

    I have just ordered a the crankset for £35 as there is some pressure to get him back on the bike again!!!

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    I believe link glide is supposed to be harder wearing and aimed more for ebike drive trains.

    Shouldn’t be an issue.

    Why 9 speed and not 10 speed?

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    Thanks. That’s reassuring. 10 speed was a little more expensive and he goes through mechs like most people go through underpants. I may well regret but microshift is a good price so I can upgrade at some point if needed.

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    9 speed chains are made of cheese, 8sp or 10spd are much more durable.

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    CUES is all designed to work off 11sp chains – no matter what the number of cogs on the back.

    I’m honestly not sure if the chainset is compatible with a 9sp chain – I know it’s got deeper teeth than previous Shimano chainsets…

    So far I’ve not found anything to confirm or deny the compatibility though. I know that chainsets are normally a lot more tolerant of mix and match than other parts of the drivetrain.

    Guess you’ll soon find out! 🤷🏻‍♂️

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    Yep. It’ll either work brilliantly or I’ll have to buy a new bb and crankset that are compatible!

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    Entirely possible that nobody in the world is interested in this but I’m posting it anyway.

    Cues crankset arrived and works very well with SRAM chain and microshift cassette/mech. (I cannot comment on whether this would work as well with a crank that had multiple rings that required some shifting)

    Very happy child who has a great deal of satisfaction at having built his own bike from scratch from a variety of ebay parts, stuff from our spares bin, some new bits and the remains of his old bike (wheels, seat, bottle cage!!)

    I know I could likely have got something in one piece for around the same money but the pair of us have had a great time cobbling it all together and solving the compatibility issues it has brought.

    We’re planning on a gravel bike next!!

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