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  • I am going to get a third bike which is going to be a hard tail. I have narrowed down my choice to 2 which are these 2

    Cube LTD team

    Focus black forest

    I can get the cube on cycle to work which as I work for the NHS i don't get VAT off it brings it to about the same price as the focus which i can get on buy now pay in 12 months.
    The advantage of getting the focus one is that i would own the bike from day one and it wouldn't matter if i move trusts (the cycle scheme is unique to each trust and not NHS wide) but i could get the cube form a bike shop just up the road.

    Out of the 2 which would you get?


    I had a Cube LTD race from Velocity Cycles in Huddersfield. Fantastic bike, amazing spec, and eventually when it came to upgrading to my Whyte 19 I simply swapped all the components.

    Very quick, very reliable…

    I have a WS Cube hardtail and love it! Go for the Cube!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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