Cube bikes can they do this?

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  • Cube bikes can they do this?
  • robidoo

    A work mate of mine has recently got a cube mtb through Halfords C2W rrp about £950 (not sure which one) he is new to mtb but has noticed that the wheelset that should be on the bike are Alex ZX24.
    However the actual wheelset are Alex EN24.
    He has rung halfords and they said ring leasure lakes (where the bike was sent from) so he rang them, they said it was halfords problem etc etc.
    Finally leasure lakes have said that Cube have ran out of the ZX24 wheelsets and are now suplying their bikes with the EN24’s.
    Is this BS,
    can they do this legally?
    Does anyone know if there is much difference in strength between the two sets, as the EN24’s are used on the Cube hybrid mtb’s.



    Specifications may be subject to change at the manufacturers discretion (OWTTE).


    Legally, yes. They’ll no doubt have “specifications subject to change without notice” or words to that effect on their website and in their bike manuals. I guess it’s up to your mate whether it’s worth kicking up a fuss…

    Edit: note to self – must type faster.

    they can do it as others have said. I’d be more interested in the hubs, if they are the low level shimanos (SH475?) that came on the other half’s Cube (with ZX24 rims) they weigh a tonne, figuratively speaking. Pretty sure we dropped about a pound and a half putting nicer wheels on.

    ZX24 no longer on the website?
    Maybe he now has the newer rims, result?


    Also good luck to your friend with warranty issue if any pop up. Halfords have purchased the bike from another shop, so your friend is now the 2nd owner of the bike. I heard 2 years ago that Specialized refused all warranty claims that was from a C2W Halfords bike.


    Cheers fellas for the info I will point him to this thread.


    hearing that I’m glad I picked up my halfords c2w specialized from leisure lakes myself!

    would have been nice of them to put the front mech on straight though..


    Your work mate’s not missing too much – ZX24s are heavy old beasts!


    We saw a lad crash on a Cube LTD at Hamsterley last night – his Alex ZX24 rim folded at 90 degrees and cracked – whoops.

    On a separate note if he hadn’t been wearing a helmet I suspect he’d now have a broken head.

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    En 24 s are ok , come as standard on a lot of cube hts. They can and do change spec depending on what is available, but nearly always spec upwards. My HTwas supposed to have Octalink chainset in 2008/9 but came with Truvativ firex , and the bars were ea 50s instead of 30s, better stem and seat post. My lad got an Attention with Hayes brakes rather that the original wooden Deore brakes .

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