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    Double post.

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    It’s well signed, most likely to get lost in Whitehaven, or approaching Sunderland, you go through some of the grottiest parts of both area at the start and finish (I live in Sunderland, and it’s allright really 🙂 )

    Sustrans do maps, and they’re worth having for planning stop overs, tea stops etc etc.

    Have fun, it’s a great ride regardless of what some might say.

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    lots of good info here.

    C2C website

    I found finding the correct exit out of the villages towns the only hard bit of navigation.


    Google it there is a website with a good guide.
    There are maps
    It is mostly signposted but you’ll need the map
    Companies are available to shuttle you to the start and your bags between accommodation.


    We did this recently and can confirm the route is well marked,we went wrong in a couple of places but friendly locals soon put us right!,and i agree it is a great ride,we used the Sustrans map which was fine.

    Very well signposted – we had a great time on what was our first trip of this type. I would suggest choosing Tynemouth as the finish rather than Sunderland as it seemed a bit more impressive finishing at the Abbey.

    Our blog is here.

    If you have any queries then please give me a shout!


    My wife has decided that she would like to do the CTC ride next year, something about being on her bucket list!!!
    This came completely out of the blue as she hasn’t been on a bike for a long time, and takes no interest in my bikes or constant bike related talk.

    Anyway I am wanting to know if the route is way marked?
    Or is there a map I can buy?
    If anybody has done this on here then please let me know more info about it.


    If you stick with finishing in Sunderland, watch out over the last couple of miles, as it’s more or less completely surfaced in broken glass. As above I’d personally aim for the Tynemouth finish, as the scenery is better and the refreshment options are better.


    having done Whitehaven / Tyneside a couple of times I much preferred the way of the roses Morecambe to Bridlington


    much more consistent

    its a ctc but not the CTC

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    Getting out of Whitehaven – get a proper map and just work it out, I managed to get lost while commuting round there and I knew where I was going 🙁
    Try and avoid the Whitehaven to Cletor bit before 9:30 and after 2pm as the local factory traffic can be a little determined. I used to use the CTC route (sort of) as my commute home.


    many start at Ravenglass (at the roman baths) and follow the Sustrans Hadrian’s cycle way 72. I will be using part of it daily as of Monday in my commute.



    Thanks for the info/help guys

    Our friends who are joining us in the ctc live in Sunderland so it makes sense to finish there, plus I can leave the car there to.
    I read on the ctc site that you collect stamps at certain points along the route, is this right?

    Thanks Again

    Did it last weekend, it’s signposted pretty well but map needed as backup, bell was very handy on BW sections. Sunderland section seemed ok for us – maybe it’s had a clean up?
    It’s a great route, have fun.

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    Just to point out that the ‘Hadrian’s Cylceway’ route mentioned above is a different route from the C2C.


    After Nenthead, you’ll climb to top of black hill, then descend via a fantastic switchback – don’t miss the right turn to Allenheads, or you’ll end up in Allendale. Trust me, that’s a mistake you don’t want to make.


    I did the C2C 13years ago. I did Whitehaven to Sunderland. We left London and headed to Newcastle on the train, then across to Carlisle and down to Whitehaven. Then we rode to Keswick and stopped there overnight. We also stayed in that slightly loony pub the allenheads inn.

    A few things: We rocketed through the lakes in an afternoon, which is a shame. A navigational error on the off-road climb up hartside left us in a vertical field populated with vertical sheep.

    The run along the old disused railway line from Consett to Sunderland was as dull as ditchwater. A few navigational problems around the scrap yards near the stadium of shi…light in Sunderland.

    Went to stay with friends in Newcastle(Jesmond0 afterwards, which was good.

    Would I do it again? Absolutely.


    I rode Whitehaven – Sunderland with my wife at the end of July. Have to say that the run into Sunderland was far better than expected after reading horror stories of glass etc. I thought it was pleasant enough!

    I printed out & laminated maps off the web, zip tied to bars. Happy to share the jpegs… Hardly needed though as so well signposted.

    Also had the gpx files on my phone, logging with OruxMaps.

    We split at certain points, with me doing the optional offroad sections at Whinlatter, Hartside & Garrigill. Think the last of those 3 is actually easier than the road route. Also recommend doing the Rookhope incline, very scenic once on the top!

    Blog here: http://everett-coast2coast.blogspot.co.uk/

    Day1: http://www.strava.com/activities/70205055
    Day2: http://www.strava.com/activities/70481033
    Day3: http://www.strava.com/activities/70674219


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