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  • Crud Road Racer Mk2 on a cross bike?
  • Any one tried them on 32mm tyres?
    Road CC say they are a bit fragile. I’ll mostly be using them on tow paths and Sustrans routes, so they are just to keep water off me really, but I wouldn’t want something that breaks if I do get it packed with mud.

    If you have them already the go for it.
    I wouldn’t choose them over the sks ones.


    Biggest they’ll cover is 25mm & you need a caliper to attach them too.

    If you’re looking for guards that’ll attach to a frame without mounts, try Axiom axle runners.

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    I couldn’t make them clear 25mn, had to put 23s back on. Even then the slightest thing on the tyre and they’re grinding away.

    Wiggle have the zefal croozer/swan pack for under a tenner. They’re like a thinner version of most MTB guards – I got a set for when I inevitably get fed up with the roadracers.

    Roadracers worked fine on my road bike with 28s

    Planet X are doing some Vavert guards for about £13. Look very good – planning on picking up a set


    The set I had fell apart. The heads on the little plastic screw things seem to break off very easily.

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    I can’t get mine to fit 25mm Aksiums without letting some air out so clearance must be in thou.

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    I use the Zefals above. They are great although the rubber straps perish quickly (I use the rubber bands from a crud guard). Do a decent job of keeping me dry although not much use in a group as guy behind gets soaked from rear wheel !

    Thanks for the various suggestions.
    Those Zefals look good, except that I would prefer something that extends forward of the fork to keep the spray off my face.
    The SKS Beavertail looks like it would do a better job for not much more money.

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