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  • Bikepimp

    I love my crossmax slr wheels as feel solid, roll well and lightweight.


    Yes! I went from hope pro 2’s on crest rims to crossmax st and although slightly heavier they felt much stiffer and the rims are stronger also pickup felt noticeably quicker. Had them for 18 months now, no issues at all.

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    Hated mine, admittedly they were the older design. They were nice and stiff but the freehub design was shite, one the nylon bushing wore the whole freehub body needed replacing.

    Pro 2 with flows all the way


    Currently have Mavic xm819’s on Hope Pro2’s and am considering upgrading to some Crossmax SX. This is to go on my Pivot Mach 5.7 with RS Pikes.

    Anyone upgraded from a similar setup to Crossmax?

    Is it worth it?

    Will I even notice a difference?

    Will be run with 2.2 Rubber Queen UST.

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    Bushing kits for older wheels no longer are a nylon insert, they are a ceramic bearing and are a fit and forget now. Kits off eBay … Simple DIY job.

    Cross max wheels are great. Straight and true after ages of riding from alps to XC. Have been a good buy for me.running 4 sets in our quiver.


    Assuming I buy 2013- are there any problems I should expect?

    I tend to have a fit and forget attitude to bike stuff!


    I’ve had two sets of 26″ ST’s, one set 2007 the other 2009. Not SX’s but the comments apply for the most part.
    Both have been great, freehub bushes on this age of wheel do wear out but contrary to Mavic’s suggestion that you have to replace whole freehub, you can get replacement bushes for about £8 from ebay sources.
    Both sets still true and bearings fine, they are stiff, light and pick up well.
    I do regularly put penetrating oil on nipples to keep them from seizing to spokes.
    If you do break a spoke they are expensive to replace (£3.50-£4 each) and as there are three different sizes on a wheelset keeping spares on hand is not cheap

    The new ITS4 hubs don’t have the freehub bush issues as they have a different design.

    Will you notice the difference- yes. Not only are the rims lighter and stiffer, the hub bearings and seals have noticeably less drag than Hope hubs

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    Proprietary rims and spokes so spares are expensive and they’re probably not enough lighter to justify the fact they’re double the price of the wheels you have. I’d be looking at some of the cheaper carbon rims (Derby/Light Cycle) on a new set of ProIIs.

    Having said that Steve Jones raves about them so they must be great.

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    SRAM Roam 60’s are pretty nice

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