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    I have a 4 month old kinesis pro6 51cm frameset for sale if that can help confuse you anymore.


    On both of those brands you’ll pay a premium for the make, and end up.with lower end parts than those from other companies for the (I own a Kona JtS). Buy what fits best.


    Cloud nine what u after for it?(sorry for hijack) edit sorry just found your for sale thread
    As mentioned go by fit as spec can always be changed to suit

    I can’t comment on the bikes you’ve listed but I have been told by my LBS that Ridley have a 2015 cyclocross bikes called the X Bow that will have mudguards and mounts for a rack. He showed me a picture and it looks great, it’s a flat grey colour and has brown bar tape and Ridley have the pedigree of producing some of the best CX bikes around. He also said expected SPR is going to be under a grand.
    Or you could go for a Croix de Fer…….. TAXI!

    Premier Icon cloudnine

    £350 posted. I ll put an updated fs thread up later.


    What about a Pinnacle Arkose 3?

    …the CAADX has rubbish brakes, BB30 and awful decals. Other than that, out the 2, I would go for it.



    I want a do it all bike, mixed surface commuter, light tourer, maybe cx racer.

    Narrowed it down to the following……

    Cannondale CAADX either 3 (105 kit) or 5 (ultegra)

    Or jake the snake

    All come with cable discs.

    I am leaning towards one of the dales on the basis they are a bit lighter and u get more for your cash, but like the look of the tapered head tube on the kona. I appreciate I’m splitting hairs here though.

    Any views/comments on these bikes?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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