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  • qwerty

    Tubs is traditional innit?


    Apparently but cost for new wheels and tyres is a bit much, I have wheels just need some tyres and tubeless bits


    My understanding is that tubeless cx tyres don’t have the volume to cope with low pressures. Must glue new tubs onto rims…..

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    There are those out there who’ve made it work. I’m very tempted to try it but it’s just a case of finding the right tyres.


    I’ve run rocket ron clinchers tubeless on Mavic CXP 33’s without too much trouble.
    I needed to go to the garage across the road to get the bead to seat, and it took a couple of nights of adding sealant, spinning, leaving overnight and topping up to get the sidewalls fully sealed up. But once sealed they were great, burped the rear once during a race but still had plenty of pressure to finish (without having to slow down).
    Defo saved me a DNF at least once, juding by the sealant spray up my back at the end of one race!

    Would be interested in other’s experiences, as was thinking I’d need some more mud-specific tyres and wasnt sure what would work well…


    Got rocket Ron and racing Ralph on my stans wheels ( race gold)
    And just used yellow tape and valve. All works fine
    At 35psi

    Only issue is a slip side wall in the front but done that enough on mtb too


    Right build is on and I would like to go tubeless.

    Anyone tried it with Mavic Open Pro rims and if so what tyres.

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Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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