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  • Croft trails update April 2010.
  • tomstickland

    Spring had definitely sprung. It's staying light until 8pm and the trees are turning green.

    We've got the new start section operational now and attention has turned to building the new red section.

    New berms being marked out:

    One of the new bridges under construction:

    Moving some of the woodwork:

    Current layout:

    We've also been on a few rides.


    Full stories here:

    We're at the trail working on the new Red section both days this weekend.

    See for more info or


    Good stuff.
    Interested to see how the area around the dirt jumps turns out.
    If I hadn't moved up to cheltenham, you'd see me a bit more often!


    Silly question time is the trails opposite Nationwide HQ?

    I cannot get my bearings from your map thingy

    btw I left Wroughton 5 years ago for the delights of devon

    i saw them the other day when driving back from Brechfa! Good work at getting this off the ground! Good luck!


    We have considered putting a banner up on the trees near the motorway.

    Progress Sunday 18th April.

    Our latest jump feature:

    More info:

    Premier Icon Imabigkidnow

    I rode it the other day .. you obviously had two or so large chunks 'missing' from the puzzle. i.e. that extra loop near the start and something I believe you refer to as 'triangle'?

    Hearty congrats on a good effort though

    I added insult to injury by having a big backpack and stuffed bar bag attached to the bike with overnight gear (visiting sister)

    Still, it was a quiet and dry weekday so I gave it a slow once over.

    Will come back again for sure without the appearance of a beast of burden.

    and yes … very close to the motorway at one point .. if only all those S.Easterners coming back from S.Wales knew they were passing within 15-20m of prime carved singletrack.


    Yes, the map shows a section that isn't there yet: the start red loop.
    The triangle is all there. We improved the signposting so there was a clear "optional loop" arrow where the triangle starts, but it kept being vandalised.

    We have a solution to this problem though – we're going to build a bridge over to the triangle from a nearby section.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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