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  • Premier Icon curiousyellow

    So, I’ve finally made the move out of London. Looks like there are some nice routes around, but getting into London across the river seems to be a bit of a mare.

    What I’ve come up with is this:

    My plan is to follow the A329 from Bracknell all the way through Windsor Park, then cut through Egham to avoid the A30, down Kingston Road, join the A308 (Staines Road West) for a bit and then go up Chertsey Road until I join the A315.

    What do you reckon?

    All advice gratefully received!

    Premier Icon notmyrealname

    I’d try and avoid the A308 if possible and definitely wouldn’t ride on the A316!

    Do you mean the A305 and not the A315? The A315 goes through Hounslow towards Chiswick.


    Try CycleStreets route-planner. One can choose quiet or fast cycle routes

    Premier Icon mattjg

    don’t start from **Bracknell ride somewhere else first and start from there

    ** now forever known as “The Wrong Mans Country”

    Premier Icon curiousyellow

    No, I do mean the A315. It looks ok in Google Street View though. What’s wrong with it?

    My work is just off the A4 (Great West Road) so the A315 works well for me.

    jamie, I will try Cycle Streets.

    Dont ride on the A316, its terrifying


    I would agree with the above comments, the A308 is dual-carriageway and when it’s moving it’s fast (people know where the speed cameras are). Similarly the A316 is a continuation of the M3 and people will happily drift onto that section (2-3 lanes) at 70-80mph at 07:30. I’m surprised if there isn’t a bye-law banning bikes and pedestrians from the elevated sections tbh.

    If you are heading for the A4/A315 in Hounslow why not carry on once through Egham through Ashford and either take the B3003 to the A315 and follow it up, or go through Ashford and then Feltham and up the A244?

    EDIT: Having re-read your post, avoid the A308 by going straight over from Kingston Road through Ashford to meet the Chertsey Road (A244).

    Ascot – Virginia Water – Thorpe – Shepperton – Sunbury – Hampton – Twickenham. Not much longer and safer roads. I used to do Wokingham to Hampton Court in the car and that was my very back way if the roads were knackered.


    mapmyride route

    This was basically my old commute a few years ago, lived in Ealing, worked in Wokingham

    Definatly Ascot and Virginia Water, down Egham hill was fun on a fixie!
    A30 really not that bad, very wide so plenty of room, usually stacked up with traffic jam every day anyway..

    Premier Icon curiousyellow

    @jono1982 any chance I can be cheeky and ask for a GPX route e-mailed to me please? Mine is mailtocuriousyellow at gmail dot com.

    How can I avoid the bit of the A308 from The Glanty to The Causeway please folks? Thanks for the tips so far!

    +1 for joolsburger’s route.

    I live near Twickemham and that’s used to be one of my weekend training rides. Reasonably quiet and safe roads. Nice scenery – I only ride dirt now though.

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