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  • Crich chase access
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    Has anyone been up to Crich chase recently and entered through the trail from Smiths Rough? (Roughly located here… click for map)

    Last time we went up you could still get into the woods my squeezing past the temporary fencing. Is this still the case?

    Thanks in advance

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    Recently we’ve been parking at the canal at Whatstandwell, climing up the road (basically 1 mile exactly) and turning left at the top and enter from the top. Just a quicker and easier climb. We’ve even looped it a few times by riding down to the canal, taking the canal back to Whatstandwell and repeating.

    Premier Icon al2000
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    Last time I tried, couldn’t squeeze past the fencing as they’ve dumped loads of rocks and trees along it.

    If you drop a bit lower down into the woods, there are a couple of trails which lead to the main trail up through the chase – after that it’s just a short climb up to the firepit area.

    Going up the road and in the top is easier, but I like the traversing trail through the cow fields – it’s just a nice ride. When it’s dry, at any rate..

    Premier Icon benman
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    Cheers al2000, we did exactly the same last time we went. Dropped down the hill slightly and cut across to the main footpath.

    I think I’ll probably just jump on the road after the gas works climb and come in through the top.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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