Credit Where Due – Winstanleys and Windwave

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  • Credit Where Due – Winstanleys and Windwave
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    I have had a light grumble on here that my warranty return of a pair of Marzocchi 350CRs with a blown damper was taking a while.

    It did take a while, but they have come back, not only with a new damper but also with fresh seals, a new axle and new uppers. that’s some way above and beyond. Chapeau.

    As a result, I’ve lost the glowing tango-coloured stanchions and finished up with lustrous brown espresso stanchions. They look lovely.



    Part of the reason I bought mine, everything breaks, but Windwave seem to sort it.

    How old were they when it blew up, and what were the symptoms? Never had a damper blow up on me!

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    About 8 months old when it blew. There was a bang, and after that the fork was just pogo’ing up and down.

    You really do realise how important the compression damping is when you’ve suddenly got absolutely none at all!

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