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    I use

    Seem ok and the first month is free. I’ve a feeling you have to pay for the actual credit score part but the other data is free and worth it to check that the info held is correct.

    I’ve had no spam as far as I can tell.

    Anyone know how I can find out without opening myself up to a spam attack?

    I tried a few ‘free’ companies, most do it on a canceling subscription basis, so you sign up, and they debit a fiver a month untill you cancel, first monrth is ‘free’ etc.

    PITA, as they insist on so much security it takes the first month to get anywhere so you end up not getting the report before canceling.

    Capital One give you free credit checks and reports through Equifax with their cashback credit card.

    Ohh, hang on…


    Start by reading up here

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    All credit checking firms should offer a Statutory Credit Report for £2 – no need to sign up for anything.



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    Its easy to find companies which offer it free but you always seem to have to sign up to something or other and give your card details etc which I’m unsure about.

    I found I couldn’t get interest free credit recently and the only thing I can think of is 1 payment missed on credit card. I’ve had several finance deals in the past.

    Anyone know how I can find out without opening myself up to a spam attack?


    I used creditexpert on their 1 month free offer. You do have to give your payment details and then cancel it again if you don’t want it.
    I found it worth while and stuck with it for a year. As soon as I had signed up for it I found an outstanding balance showing with an old Barclaycard account even though I’d got a letter from them saying that my account was paid in full and now closed. Credit Expert put a note on my file for anyone viewing to contact me as I proof of account been paid in full. They gave me some standard letters to send and when they didn’t work they advised me to take it the Data Protection Ombudsman who were a waste of time but the copy letter sent to Barclaycard did the trick.
    Later in the year I found some credit checks been done on me without my knowledge from T-mobile who I was no with. When I queried them with Credit Expert they reported the matter to their fraud department.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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