Credit Card usage in Greece.

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  • Credit Card usage in Greece.
  • toxicsoks

    Going for a short break in Greece, er, shortly – are credit cards still widely accepted, after all the bailout malarky, or do they prefer/insist on cash, does anyone know?


    Cash is king, or was 2 summers ago. I don’t suppose it’s changed.


    just use common sense, main chains, hotels and popular restaraunts will take cards no problem, some small shops and bars wont. dont forget to take small change and notes, wouldnt be the first time ive got caught out without being able to change 50 euro.
    i take some cash and take a travel card and draw out cash over there, can be interesting if you cant find an atm, or the towns atm dont work.
    going back in june for some sun

    Pretty much same as here Card wise. I have used my Credit Card (Mastercard) and my RBS Debit card. RBS only charged me £1.80 to withdraw cash.

    Also changed cash over their, as it was a better rate than over here.

    Went to Rhodes last September.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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