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  • Creating A Course On Garmin Edge 510 Elevation Data Not Showing?
  • Dibbs

    You don’t seem to be alone.
    Garmin Forum

    dibbs- sounds exactly what i was trying to explain, so yep thats the same for me

    a guy whom responded said try a different application? does that mean something other than garminconnect/bikehike

    or does he mean its just not available for some glitch type reason on edge 510

    exactly how is says though it records the elevation fine, and then if you send the ‘ride’ after you’ve finished, to the device as a course it then shows the elevation

    just literally when plotting a route, pretty annoying really as its handy to see how much climb and where you have left 🙁


    Reading this:- Garmin Forum it appears that BikeRouteToaster may help.
    I think it’s more of a Garmin Connect problem than a device problem.

    dibbs – just done it on bikeroutetoaster, and still exactly the same, no elevation data when plotting the route on the device

    very odd i must say, and a bit gutting as its handy to know exactly what climb you are doing/have to go 🙁

    any ideas folks? i plot a route on bikehike/garmin connect and various other sites, the route uploads fine and dandy with all correct average pace/times ive put in etc, but for some reason its not dragging through the total elevation for the ride? on the garminconnect/bikehike site when plotting it has the elevation data, yet on the summary of the route on the device, it says 0ft descent 0ft descent, then click on to the elevation graph and again 0ft

    any ideas at all?

    FWIW when ive done a route and recorded it on the device as im going along, it saves the elevation data fine, but not when creating a fresh new course to follow?

    edit :

    just got through to someone else, and its correct there is not suppose to be any elevation displayed when creating/plotting a fresh course

    you only get the elevation on the device after riding the course, and like on sundays ride i then saved it and uploaded it directly after as a course and it did indeed display the elevation for the route, so it seems like its totally normal!

    bit of a shame it doesnt display it to start with but at least im not being dumb!

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    I get the same issue on my Edge 800. In fact the summary info for distance is normally just plain wrong but when I run the course the distance left to end point is always right.

    I have thought this summary problem to be pretty insignificant though in real terms, clearly it should work though…

    EDIT: hmm potting the route on the device is actually something I have never done so as you were, clearly I was on about something else… 😕

    composite – no sorry you misunderstood, ive not plotted it on the device ever

    ive only ever plotted routes on bikehike,garminconnect,bikeroutetoaster etc

    the elevation shows on those maps when plotting (ie total ascent 2500ft etc)

    but when i then send that to my device to follow its not showing the total ascent profile (ie total ascent 2500ft) on the device, merely just showing ascent as 0ft and descent as 0ft….also on the profiling (graph) for the elevation that also says 0ft

    yet when i did a route on sunday, it saved the course/route automatically to garmin connect…then when i go into my device and click on course, i load that route i did sunday and it DOES have the profiling/elevation for the ride

    so basically what im getting at is, until you ride the course you create fresh on garmin connect etc, it will read as 0ft until you actually ride it….as your riding it will record, then when you upload at the end to garmin connect etc, you can then send that course via garmin connect to your device again and it WILL have the elevation profile/data….so until you ride the fresh new route you’ve plotted you wont get the elevation profile


    Have you tried Basecamp? with the TOPO map there’s an option under advanced to “Set Selected Track to Map Elevation”. I have to go out now but I’ll try it later.

    i have’nt used basecamp dibbs, have a play later and let me know though please

    the person i spoke to at garmin totally knew what i meant (even though i was shite at explaining the problem), and said that if you plot a new fresh course on any of the sites (including garmin connect) it will NOT show the elevation profile on the unit itself….she said it will only show the elevation profile once you download the route you are following (once you’ve finished the ride) as a course directly from garmin connect once its uploaded

    bit confusing but if ya get me anyways, i can vouch for it working after you have downloaded your last route as a course, as i did gisburn sunday, got home downloaded it as a course on my garmin (featuring all my times etc) and the elevation was/is there in full on the summary (hegiht gained etc, and the profile graph of elevation to)

    its no biggy i guess, just a feature i thought should have been there, as i can make a mental note by remembering the ascent when i actually plot it…


    Success! using TOPO GB and Basecamp (Edge 810, but the 510 should work too).

    Next Sunday’s Exmoor Beast route.


    Garmin “technical Support”?? are pretty useless, it took three attempts before I got a reply telling me the problem I was having was a known defect (only to one in three service reps 🙄 )and they where waiting for a firmware update but couldn’t give me an ETA.

    sorry dibbs, totally forgot about this!!!

    so whats basecamp and topo GB??? can i download them or plot the routes on a website?

    ill give it a try if you let us know where to do it 🙂

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