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    Just read a few reviews and not going to bother……!
    Pretty poor stuff apparently !

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    I'm thinking of buying a CREATE bike as a commute.

    Anyone have any experience of these? Any good?

    I ride a 17inch orange P7. I have a 30inch inside leg and am 5:10.

    Do I want 54cm or 59cm?


    ah, you answered your own question correctly! no more input needed then 🙂

    Create are the spawn of Satan. I can think of few worse bikes that have ever been made.


    Have a look at the Claud Butler Courier, can be had for about 280ish, they do a flat bar and a drop bar version, flip flop hubs, all the stickers peel off if it bothers you, they only come in a 56cm but I'm 5'10" and it fits me fine.oh and the frame is cromo not hi-ten like the create bikes

    look here


    0nly thing a create bike would do well is be a clothes horse

    Hi. My first post here – i'm more of a mountainbiker (rigid 1×9 On-One) who became a london fixed-gear and single-speed fakenger 🙂

    Unipack/CREATE is not only a cheap/heavy/uncool bike – it's proven dangerous (stems, bolts, cranks, chains failing in full traffic….). We have had a lot of discussions about it here since 2008:
    …and many more.

    This sums it up: "…the unipack is what it is, a cheaply built bike designed to cash in on the rise of the fixed gear, no one would think about upgrading one of those Apollo full suspension mountain bikes you get for a hundred quid, so why would you want to upgrade the fixed equivalent."

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    Thanks for the feedback guys 🙂


    For future reference, a 59cm frame will be too big for you.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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