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  • Creaky spokes?!
  • jamescoulson
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    My rear wheel has developed a nasty creak – definitely from spokes shifting backwards and forwards across each other as I pedal. I’ve checked there are no obviously loose spokes but it hasn’t helped much and thats about the limit of my wheel knowledge!! Is it a job for the LBS??

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    Are you 100% on the spokes?

    I had creaking that sounded just like spokes creaking, only occurred whilst pedalling etc.
    Turned out to be the free hub a bit dry

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    i had the same thing mate…get a rag and spray a small amount of lube on to it and wipe the spokes were they cross or squirt a little on to the spokes were they join holding the rag against the back of the spokes to catch and wipe off any excess. obviously be very carefully not to get any on your brakes…

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    Yeah, def spokes… Will try a bit of lube on a rag!!

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    Lube ya nipples…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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