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  • creaking pro 2 rear hub?
  • Teh hub is very easy to check – freehub just pulls off – check and regrease it. check the bearings while its apart

    after much creaking just lately, ive tried everything imaginable to suss it…..sure its drive train related, and im sure its from around the cassette area…

    has anybody actually had a creaky pro 2 hub, thats in a similar situation? tried everything else, the hub is a year old and ive not serviced/touched it? could it be the pawl springs or bearings?

    any thoughts appreicated, im at the end of my tether with it 🙁 its spoiling these nice summery days now its that constant and annoying 🙁

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    Check QR – if you are using a fancy one then swap it to a shimano, do it up nice n tight then see if it still creaks.


    i had this last week on pro 2 hub, sounded like BB creaking, cleaned free hub out, greased it, all fine now, easy job to do.

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    I had a creaky Pro 2, and then it split.

    have a close look for cracks around the spoke flange thingy.

    Hope replaced the hub really quickly with no questions so that was nice!

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    As martyns, have a good look at the spoke flange behind the cassette for damage. They make a big noise when they fail properly…

    Cheers guys, no cracks that i can see….sounds like it could well be the culprit….by cleaning out the freehub do you just mean to clean the outer of it or the inside bit by the pawl springs? I have cleaned the puter and to no avail…guess the bearings or pawl springs could be the problem…..


    Both mine and a friends do this. Has always just been the free hub needing a clean out and re-grease.

    Very easy job to do.

    Hugh, do you mean the outside of the freehub where you put the cassette on, or taking the freehub off and cleaning it inside? I’ve cleaned out side and greased and its made no difference, though inside sounds like the next step if its cured your creaks?


    It’s the inside!

    Remove the cassette etc. Pull the end cap off and then pull the freehub body off.

    I remove the springs and pawls from the free-hub body and clean everything up.

    Re-grease and assemble ensuring you have clicked the labyrinth seal back into the hub body correctly.

    The pawls & spring need to be put back in the right direction but this is easy to remember/figure out.

    Your best bet would be to search google for a hope pro II free-hub service as you will probably find a good guide with pictures…far better than i can explain it!


    That’s brillaint Hugh much appreciated! So this cured your creak? Was it thesame sort of creak lik a dry chain on rotation and usually climbing?


    Yep, always when pedalling hard or on a climb as i guess there is a lot of stress there.

    Last time i did mine, the grease had turned brown and wasn’t too nice! Very tough hubs though so a good clean out an re-grease every so often should keep on top of it!


    Assuming it’s not the freehub the last creaky hope 2 hub I heard went BANG and split in two… check for hairline cracks!

    cheers for this info guys – especially hugh!!!

    im gonna have a go at this i think tomorrow….i have not touched the hub for the year ive had it other than washing it! hopefully this is the cure…heres to hoping it cures it!

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