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  • orangeboy

    Chain ring bolts loose
    Duff pedals
    Or crap between the axle and crank arm
    Cracked frame

    Chain ring bolts loose – hmm could be actually. I use some washers behind them as I run a singlespeed and a couple of them are split.

    Duff pedals – don’t think so. I recently stripped them down and greased.

    Or crap between the axle and crank arm – nopw. Cleaned recently

    Cracked frame – first thing I checked. 🙂

    I’ll get some strong, thin chainring bolts and see if that helps.

    Premier Icon Onzadog

    Bonded cups in the frame come loose?

    I had similar on my hardtail. One click every revolution intermittently so I know it was from the primary drive.

    Turns out, it was a bit of stainless plate I’d attached to the frame with two jubilee clips as an anti chain suck device.

    It had been on there for thee years previous before causing the click. Took it off, cleaned the plate and chainstay and now everything is perfect again.

    Go figure!

    Premier Icon The Wrong Trousers

    Got replaceable dropouts ? Put a smidge of blue instant gasket between them and the frame and do the bolts back up. Likewise use it on the seatpost, sorted all sorts of creaking noises over the years for me.


    Can also be dirt under the front mech clamp / band if it’s that type

    Got a new CK BB last month. Fitted it and there was still a creaking whenever I climbed. I figured it was faulty, so I bought a cheap deore as a spare and to tide me over until I got the CK swapped out.

    Fitted the deore and rode today. Seemed fine at first, and then there was the same creaking noise on climbs.

    Anyone got any ideas? It must be the cranks – but how could I eliminate it?

    Cheers guys, stripped the drive train down completely. Re-fitted the CK BB, stripped the pedals down again and packed them with grease. Removed cranks, cleaned and greased – removed pinch bolts, cleaned and loaded with copper grease. I removed the chainring bolts and spacers and replaced with some narrow sockets that I had.

    Rode it over to the nearest hill. The creaking has improved but there is still some noise. I have some stronglight bolts on order from Ebay, and will also invest in some blue instant gasket, as yes, the surge does have removable, and sliding dropouts.

    After that, I’m done and will just have to throw the f*****g thing in the bin.

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