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  • batman11

    Hi mate something to do when installing these things is grease all threads and axels inc pedels this might help.

    If your bearings are tight as, check your cranks are on correctly, then pedals, then ( probably first) check saddle/post/seatclamp unless it only happens when stood up.


    Thanks Bat!


    Bearings should not be tight. If anything a nats amount of slack lets them spin nice and free.


    If you have a QR wheel on the rear put some grease on it where it contacts the drop out. This might sound like a daft suggestion but I had a similar problem with my heckler and this solved it!


    +1 for rear dropout…

    I spent ages hunting for a creak, and it eventually turned out to be this. on the up side, my bike got a good service in the hunting process 😉


    Thanks all! I'll take the rear wheel off and grease the dropout and skewer!


    Chainring bolts?


    Hi Folks!

    I have built myself a new bike and I have used a Shimano XT BB and chainset. I have since removed it and tightened the bearings further because of a horrible creaking sound. This seemed to work, but since re- started again after a few more rides. The bearings are very tight, but I suppose I could turn them again a little more! Has anybody got some advise on how tight the bearings have to be before something breaks etc?



    Assuming you have an external bottom bracket, have you faced the frame?

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    What's the bike? I had an annoying creak and went through all the above with no joy. Eventually a pivot bolt on the suspension snapped going over a small drop. Replaced the pivot bolt and now not a sound – bliss!


    my bike has a annoying creak, it sounds like its coming from the BB or the cranks i still not found it yet but im getting new chain rings and casette and chain soon anyway so hope it will shift then lol


    Assuming its the BB area, chainring bolts tight and it's not the seatpost.

    All BB's should all be installed with copper slip or similar, grease will work and the thicker the better as it will stay in there for longer.

    In the case of an external BB, most come with rubbish plastic spacers. Over time / repeated fitting / over tightening etc these deform a wee bit.
    This allows the BB cups to move around a tiny bit and especially when the threads are 'dry' due to no grease or the grease working it's self out of there is often the cause of creaking.
    I found it to be at its worst on my Ti frame.

    Its possible to get hold of alu spacers which will not deform so readily and teamed with copper slip will solve the problem (it may return periodically but mine dosn't), chris king bb's come with these but a bike shop found some lurking in the workshop for me and gave them to me for cake.

    Also, assuming external BB type
    Frame should be faced
    BB cups should be tight into the frame
    Cranks tightend into place with the plastic doofer by hand only
    pinch bolts nipped up bit by bit together and equally.


    My annoying creak was the pedals – stripped them down, fitted new bushes and bearings with lashings of grease and the sound has gone.

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