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  • iamsporticus


    I’m expecting some stuff to arrive in the post from CRC

    this morning the postie left a card saying that something described as “black packaging” had been left at the depot for me

    Thing is to get to the depot I’d have to get up stupidly early before work and so I’d like to definitely know its my bike stuff which is the only thing I’m expecting in the post but CRC always seem to use their amazing cardboard machine not black plastic don’t they?

    And no it wasn’t trackable……..

    Premier Icon simmy

    Wired Tyres have been sent to me by CRC in Black Plastic, similar to a Bin Bag but sealed.


    Had loads of things from CRC wrapped in plastic, and plenty others using jiffy bags. It’s not just boxes they use, that’s just what people with nothing better to do like to moan about on STW 😉

    Premier Icon Dogsby

    I received a new bottle cage from CRC this very morning wrapped in black plastic.



    Yup tyres are a favourite to be wrapped in plastic but I’ve also had bottles of Muc-Off, lubricants, tubs of energy powder and bundles of randomly-shaped components wrapped as well when the packaging people cba with a box 🙂


    I received a brake cable from crc on saturday. Just the inner, one cable, in a box large enough to hold a large book! No idea how they make any money with p&p costs like that! Lucky I was home otherwise I’d have been on here whinging that I’d had to go to the depot to pick up a cable that wouldn’t fit through the letter box 😛


    Got a new helmet through from them today, in a black bag the size of the sun.



    Heads off to bed early to organise sorting depot detour first thing tomorrow……………….


    Yep, had a Saturday morning posties knock that resembled the commencing of a police raid, but turned out to be an olive and barb ordered from CRC that arrived in one of them big boxes too!!! …wouldn’t mind, but I was about to send the pig skin bus down tuna town!!! …& hell yes I’m whinging 😀

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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