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  • CRC Discount – Did it end yesterday?
  • ss

    There was £50 off a spend of over £400 or something, I thought it ended tonight but can’t see any sign of it now.

    Anyone know?



    Ended either last night or earlier today mate!


    Baws, thanks

    Premier Icon stevied

    Don’t worry, there’ll probably be another promotion tomorrow, knowing crc..


    Ended this afternoon at some point. Right between the time I entered the £10 code, and then tried to pay (which it wouldn’t let me do). Not exactly the end of the world, but I assumed it would expire at midnight.

    pop larkin

    I’m a bit p1553d off with them in that I tred to order yesterday and the website crashed and then wouldn’t let me back in- just had another go and the discount isn’t there anymore.!!!

    Written t them so we will see but looks like I may have to go German!


    finished at 2pm yesterday apparently.

    I had my stuff in the basket at 1.55 and when I went to check out it wouldn’t take the code. I called them up and they put it through for me manually.

    I’m not sure if any of you spotted but whilst the promotion said it ran until the 4th, when you clicked on the small print it said it ran until the 17th at 3 pm (from memory).


    Interesting how CRC stock levels change with the promotions that are on too. I’ve been hovering over the purchase of a new Shadow+ mech recently and so have noticed the price change.

    When they had a general 10% off promotion, the price went up 10% to compensate; during the latest offer, they stated it as “out of stock, expected in January”. I guess this explains why they’re suddenly back in stock again!!!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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