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  • CRC bashing?!
  • Crell

    Seems to be a theme at the moment and I haven’t ordered for a while so I was a bit apprehensive.

    Sure enough, I got an email this morning stating that the bargain Easton 2009 EC90 SL bar I’d ordered was out of stock, and did I want to proceed with the rest of the (fairly large) order?

    Yes I did, so I sent them a polite reply and suggested that they might like to offer me the 2010 version of the bar for the same price. Now I expected a polite but firm “no” to this, or even more likely; no response at all.

    10 minutes later I get a very apologetic email saying the’ve added the other bar to the consignment for the same price. 8)

    Anyway, I’m very happy … it just needs to arrive now!

    I imagine this won’t work on a brand-x to Lynskey swap before anyone tries, but if it does let me know 🙂

    Your optimism may not suit this forum!

    I have to report service is back to normal, ordered stuff on Monday night, it arrived this morning.

    had nothing but good service from them on all my orders. Even stuff orderd late at night have been shipped the following morning and arrived the next day.

    so nothing but thumbs up from me.


    ordered a chain guide and some bar tape and it turned up 36 hours later.

    always had good service from CRC.

    Premier Icon trout

    Had some items missing for some reason yesterday a phone call and email later and they are on their way to me .
    so unhappy yesterday but happier today .


    Well just to give this thread some balance, they seriously ballsed up my order.
    Within five day delivery took 2 weeks and half the bits ordered came out of their packaging broken and will have to go back.
    Their competitors have never looked so good.

    Premier Icon salad_dodger

    Glad you’re happy with them. They have proved to be useless the last couple of times I’ve ordered from them and I only use them as a last resort these days.


    Nice result, Crell! You don’t ask you don’t get, I guess.

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    3 orders from me in the last 2 weeks, all 3 have been with me within 24 hrs of ordering, musn’t grumble!

    yep back on fire again CRC like the good old days, even returned something and same day it got there i got a full refund! normal service resumed and back on my radar again!

    never had a single problem with them. I read somewhere they process over 30,000 packages a week, so not surprised that sometimes things go wrong. As always, it’s how you deal with screw ups that really matters.

    10 years ago, if you ordered mail order, you’d be lucky to get it in a week, let alone next day, for free.

    so I think they do well overall (and I work for a competitor)

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Wanted to cancel an order last week. Website said it was already processing.

    Phoned up, got straight through to man on phone, he cancelled it and was very pleasant.


    Not as fast as they used to be ime.

    Love Tubs

    Never had a prob with either wiggle or CRC in over 8 or so years 😉


    oh, i forgot… at the start of the summer i ordered a helmet and a few other bits.

    took the helmet out of the box and it was trashed. something had obviously landed on it whilst in storage and had literally smashed the helmet into 4-5 pieces. the box that the dilivery came in was fine, not a scratch on it meaning that it had been shipped off in its broken state.

    i let them know and they sent out a replacement without me having to send the item back to them.

    YTS monkey in the packing dept.


    YTS…..showing your age there LOL! On the CRC subject though, in all the years i’ve bought stuff from them (about 20 i think) they’ve been nothing but superb!

    Premier Icon PeteG55

    Never had a problem with them, and I’d rather not think about how much I’ve spent with them. I did get one thing from them that wasn’t right or similar (ages ago, I can’t remember the details), but it was dealt with swiftly and with minimal fuss. I’ll continue to use them.


    Have had a couple of problems with them recently. Firstly I ordered a set of TLD gloves, which developed a split along stitching after a few hours of riding (not their fault I know). Sent it back over a week ago and still not received a refund or even acknowledgement of receiving the item (they have, I got it sent tracked).

    Received my order yesterday and they either forgot to pack the innertube or didn’t seal the bag properly.. as it was open when I received it and innertube missing.

    Always buy kit off them and have done for 10 years plus. Fast 24 hour delivery on stock showing items, good prices and free delivery what more could you ask for ….BRILLIANT.

    Premier Icon splashdown

    I must say that I’ve never had a problem with CRC.

    Ribble Cycles on the other hand…..

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