Crashed on surrey Hills..on "NEW" section (supernova)

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  • Crashed on surrey Hills..on "NEW" section (supernova)
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    Hit a sore point big boy


    Good input Toni…

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    Hit a sore point big boy

    Me? Not in the least! I’ve not even moaned about the trails. I don’t think it’s very sensible to be digging features like that on such high traffic trails, but I’ve no actual problems with having stuff like that per se. If it had been like that from the start it wouldn’t be a problem either.

    I don’t really see many (if any) people saying they aren’t taking responsibility for their actions. I certainly don’t think signs are necessary (or even sensible) on the trails up there.

    I’ve crashed on every trail at some point but I don’t post up pics saying watch out there’s a root or a new super smooth fast berm


    Spot on tony b, common sense at last, you know what they say about common sense it ain’t that common!

    While I personally like to jump a little and to progress, and I don’t mind avoiding stuff that’s too big for me, I wouldn’t place my preferences above my responsibility towards others and the continuing existence of the trails we all love.

    I therefore find it ironic that the jumpers tell the rollers to take responsibility to avoid jumps built without consideration and responsibility towards those who either can’t or won’t jump or whether the feature is appropriate on a specific trail. The jumpers can roll, but the rollers may not be able to jump either at all, or well enough, so the jump builders and supporters are being selfish.

    I doubt the builders would take responsibility instead of the landowner it someone got incapacitated and had to sue to secure the means to support themselves if they no longer could.

    Therefore such inconsideration puts the trails as well as the features at risk for all, and for what benefit? A gap instead of a table or otherwise rollable feature. It’s unnecessary, something rollable can still be jumped. Technical trail features either belong on technical trails on the main line, or off the main line on non technical trails, although if the trail is illegal even that isn’t such a great idea.

    If you want to build gaps you can build them big enough to either roll each hump or jump over the gap, and then everyone’s happy. Unless of course you’re not rad enough to make the bigger gap.


    The feature is something i wouldnt think twice about hitting, once i know what the feature is. I was riding sid trail at normal pace, noticed a change, slowed down, realised what it was, stopped, pushed back 30 yards and carried on riding down.

    How hard is it if you notice a change, slow down, if need be stop and have a look? Not wanting to ruin the strava run?

    Any trail is as hard and technical as you make it, the thought never crosses my mind that i can ride a trail flat out, unseen without taking a massive risk.

    Tgis is the first negative ive thought of trail centre mentality, expecting no danger because its safe.

    I think the further this thread goes on the more people miss the point of the thread…

    I knew the feature was there I’ve ridden it a few times…

    The last time i rode it, it was a straight jump to a flat landing, that was roll able

    I was just letting everyone know that someone has come and dug out the landing to a ditch for no particular reason, so it is now no longer roll able..

    You cannot see there’s a ditch behind the jump until its too late..Like i discovered…lol.

    in case you haven’t read the entire thread..which im guessing most of you havnt…IT WAS MY FAULT I CRASHED…haha

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    Well whatever your feeling the Ranger has removed it. Rode the trail last night and the line has had trees felled across it.

    Personally I think (although well within my comfort zone) it was the wrong trail for it. As the OP’s crash proved it too well known and ridden by too broad a skill base to have a main line like that. If it had been the alternative line then it would have been OK


    Well done proflexforever, I think you have got what you wanted, once again thanks.

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    blooddonor wrote:

    Well done proflexforever, I think you have got what you wanted, once again thanks.

    Do you reckon a thread on STW got that done (delusions of the importance of this place?) or somebody doing their job saw something that was a bit silly and knocked it down.


    Well done proflexforever, I think you have got what you wanted

    from reading this thread, it seems like it’s what everyone wanted, bar a self serving hardcore minority

    apparently its all my fault that its gone…and theres now going to be a witch hunt for all the desk jockeys to come and “get me“..

    not the fact that the ranger is “doing his job“..

    Bring on the hate campaign towards me…lol

    Not unexpected result.

    A good, interesting, well built and well known trail that’s been tolerated for a long while despite being in an area busy with non-cyclists and being visible from paths.

    Gets jump feature added close to end of trail encouraging fast exit. Jump feature gets “upgraded” to make it more exciting/less safe. Rider ends up in hospital.

    Trail put beyond use.

    Seems a really obvious outcome. Seems strange to me that the trail builders (if it’s the usual suspects) did something that meant so much of their hard work ended up wasted.

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    So the jump has gone – yes ? I really doubt they’d close the whole trail.

    Mr Woppit

    So if you dig something, like say a new jump, and someone who doesn’t like it grabs a spade and comes along afterwards and demolishes it, that’s cool?


    Well whatever your feeling the Ranger has removed it.


    Wow. 5 pages of crap and a hate campaign?? Surely the op was merely pointing out to people who have actually been riding the trail regularly (not on youtube) that the trail has changed, and to be aware??

    Surely this thread has run its course and shud be closed??

    Make that 6!!!

    Agreed. Sounds like the ranger also did the sensible thing. Plenty of jumps and gaps nearby that people can ride if they wish, but probably better for all that they are not on the likes of supernova

    Last time I rode it (a few weeks ago) I seemed to miss the turn back up the hill (sorry poor description) that was fun about half way down. Has that gone or did I just imagine it not being there?

    Yes, people should take responsibility for themselves, that much is blindingly obvious. Whether they do or not only partially matters in potential litigation and liability against the landowner though. Increase trail consequences and you could also be risking the trail. How responsible is that?

    I’m pretty sure a blind eye is currently turned because illegal trails mean less conflict with other users on bridleways and paths. On a cost benefit analysis it can make sense, especially as what would the alternatives be? Raise the stakes though with inappropriate trail building as assessed by the landowner, not riders, and perhaps you force them to act.

    Some ramblers will probably destroy it first anyway.

    EDIT: Written before removed by Ranger update.

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    No fair, spoiled our fun, all gone now. Boo!


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    Yes it’s just the new feature that’s out of action not the whole trail.


    Sorry to hear about your accident but I can’t help feeling that you put this on Single Track to get this reaction and if you didn’t then you should of seen what was happening and deleted your post.

    Trails in the Surrey hills have to evolve as most riders advance on to new stages in their riding, The Gap jump on Super Nova had already been created by riders missing out a part of the trail with a so called Strava line. Jumping out of the bottom berm in to the next lower berm.

    We have to remember that most trails that you are all riding on and enjoying are created by the same few trail builders. If it weren’t for them you would be riding the so-called tourist route on Holmbury. I for one solute these guys and thank them for all the hard work and hours they put in to make the trails safe. For instance, the trail called EVIAN the berms have been graded and fixed from brake bumps, the dangerous routes removed that can catch riders out and sight lines being cleared to make trails safer.

    Yes there is a new jump line on the trail that THEY built but those that know the trail well would recognise straight away that the trail has been changed. If you were looking ahead as you should be while riding you would very easily see the changes.

    If you want to know of changes to the trails why not pop into the local bike shop and ask or even ask fellow riders. You don’t have to walk the trail as some have said on this thread. If you want signs and trail grading’s go and ride at a bike park.

    For those that are uncertain of drops, gaps and jump get yourselves on a course or go and practice on Proper Bow’s smaller jumps. Please don’t spoil what is a good new feature to a brilliant trail. Just remember the trails are for everyone not just those that like to keep two wheels on the ground.

    To all the trail builders out their thank you for the unpaid hours and vision that makes the Surrey Hills such an awesome place to ride.

    To all the moaners and groaners that ride the so called illegal trails, take a good look at the way you’re behaving and if you want a safe trail to ride, get off your backside and keyboards and build one. Perhaps then you will appreciate the hard work that is involved.

    I wish you all a safe ride and remember we ride at our own risk.

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    Not even worth responding to any more. Did you really register just for that? 🙄


    Lol u just did hehe

    Tony b


    Trails in the Surrey hills have to evolve as most riders advance on to new stages in their riding

    No they don’t. Not if the current tolerance of mountain biking in the area is to be preserved.

    Please don’t spoil what is a good new feature to a brilliant trail.

    Please dont modify what was a brilliant trail so it gets closed down and gives ammunition to the nimbys


    @oldmansi well said, and spot on.

    oldmansi – Member
    Sorry to hear about your accident but I can’t help feeling that you put this on Single Track to get this reaction and if you didn’t then you should of seen what was happening and deleted your post

    WOW youve been on here 1 Day and you make a bold statement like that…
    you obviously have not read the entire thread and you want to get you 5 pence worth…

    No………my intention was not to have the feature taken down…
    i Enjoyed the trail the way it was….i enjoyed it when the feature was made

    Like i have said, i thank the trail builders for all there efforts.

    i was merely telling people that it had changed and that it was no-longer roll able..

    Why should i delete my thread?? because the trail is being discussed on an “open” forum….its what the forum was made for…

    which is why is was featured on the surrey hills MTB facebook page…everybody has a right to have a voice and for that voice to be heard..

    The “feature” has been taken down….We dont know if it was the forest ranger or by another “trail builder” who deemed it dangerous..

    either way…its not a massive deal.


    @oldmansi how dare you post on your first day,you’ll never fit in with these keyboard warriors now! 🙂


    OK, I think I’m going to wage in to this battle with my humble view.

    Firstly, getting well soon proflexforever, its never good to hear about someone getting hurt badly on the hills. Glad that u haven’t done any permanent damage.

    Now on to the raging topic of the jumps. Now in the interest of fairness, i will start with the “rollies” (People not in favor with the jumps). I can kind of see where you are coming from, it is probably a bit silly to have a hole in in between the take-off and the landing, they do tend to eat your front wheel should you put it in there. Maybe the trail should have stayed as it was, it was pretty fast, but in my opinion it lacked a little flow with corners being a little tight, but other than that was good.

    On the other end of the stick, we all want he sport to progress, incorporating jumps into the trail adds a technical value many may not have or need to improve on. But it is down to the rider to assess whether the feature ahead is within their ability. I am fortunate that I find not a lot really challenges me in the surrey hills when it comes to all out technicality so it probably wouldn’t have fased me.

    To those who have come on here to TROL (yes if u are arguing with your key board you are a trol) about the work, get a life or better get some balls! That’s not aimed at your riding as i appreciate that everyone started somewhere, but more in you actions. Go up there and take part in the digging, contribute to what the trail should look like, dig a chicken line that is fun to ride rather than moan at what has been left. At the end of the day, you are not paying the trail builders to build and maintain the trails, and until then they are not really going to give a s**t what you say or think. By arguing on here you gain nothing. If you, in fact we, the Surrey Hills cycling community are proactive then we all get a better experience.

    As oldmansi said, dont blame the trail builders, they put it their in the first place, u should be thankful. They have put a lot of hard work into the trails up there. if you see something new, stop and have a look, then move on. basic health and safety, I’m sure you have all come across it in your offices/workplaces.

    p.s. many a jump has been ruined by people rolling over the lips, breaking and making them flat, that’s probably why they put a hole….

    p.p.s. to the man who pointed the ranger towards this thread, well done. you have achieved c**t level 12; the highest of all c**t levels. i couldn’t think of a more back stabbing thing to do to the rest of the mountain bike community.


    Never underestimate the Surrey Hills Freeride scene.


    Jesus wept the OP gets it in the neck from some overgrown kids on bicycles.

    Grow up. I can see both sides but surely jumps etc are asking for trouble/from the anti-bike brigade. OP sadly you’ve handed over potential evidence of ‘see this is whats happening’ to such people to use.

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