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  • crash or dismount – please vote
  • Obi_Twa

    Eh – that was neither. That there is a prime example of a perfectly executed mince.


    In the world of unicycling, there's a simple convention about this –

    If you get off the bike and stay on your feet, it is a dismount. If you didn't mean to do it, it's an unplanned dismount.

    If you come off and have to pick yourself off the ground (like this guy did), it is a crash or a fall, whatever you want to call it.


    Premier Icon jam bo

    either way its some properly shit riding…

    all that armour and still mincing.oh dear.


    that'll teach him to stick a hamster up his rectum (watch til the end ;))


    Looked like a tactical dismounted followed by a poor decision to try a bit of Irish dancing.

    Premier Icon boriselbrus

    Crash. If you stay on your feet you can get away with calling it a dismount. If you end up on your ass it's a crash.


    Whatever it was he wasn't in control and never was going to be with an approach like that. He looked like he was desperate to get off before he even started.

    Crash, he ended up on his arse!

    He should go on a skills course!


    Crash. If you stay on your feet you can get away with calling it a dismount. If you end up on your ass it's a crash.


    Unless of course it happened to me, in which case it'd have been a dismount.

    It's about intent. I think he chose to stop, so it's a dismount. Looks loose and fairly steep – good for trying but must try harder.


    What the heck was happening?? He goes about 1 mile an hour down the hill then proceeds to run down the hill with a limp and scratches his arse.


    I reckon he bailed from the bike but crashed whilst running…

    To be fair it's probably a lot steeper than it looks.

    Premier Icon nickjb

    As others have said, tactical dismount until his ar*e hit the floor, then it became a crash.


    To say that he chose to stop is being a bit generous. If you don't want to ride down then choose to stop before the top – that's a choice, what he did was involuntary. Once you're in it by far the simplest thing to do is complete it. "Stopping" there is like trying to get off mid-corner, or mid jump.

    So yes, it was a "dismount", but in a place and manner that equals "crash". And then he fell off his feet, which to be fair I did quite recently, on the way home from the pub.


    Quite funny to watch but i suspect its much steeper than it looks.

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    That there is a prime example of a perfectly executed mince

    It's not often, but Gluppers has it this time !

    I'd offer him "involuntary dismount followed by failure to walk down a hill" as an alternative to "crash"


    Was he shouting 'chase me chase me' in a camp voice?

    I think comes in to the category designated as FAIL.


    my mate "Coco-the-clown" Simon seems to inhabit his own universe, with his own defintion of what is a crash and what isn't. Therefore I'd like the opinion of experts as to whether he's massaging the truth or just talking utter c#*p.
    Please watch the following clip and then vote on whether it was a tactical dismount or a clownish crash.

    watch here

    vote here


    I cant decide if he was properly mincing about, or the camera did the gradient no justice at all and it was in fact vertical? It looks fairly steep when he's fairying about on the scree, judged only by his inability to remain stood.

    Still, i'm going for tactical dismount, because he was stood up long after the bike stopped. He was mincing though! lol


    my definition "if there is involuntary banana damage its a crash"

    if present banana would have well and truly had it

    i'm sure steeper than looks and yes you've got to watch until the end

    Premier Icon bullroar

    I'd call that running away. He's not much cop at running downhill either, needs to get his weight on his heels and lean back.

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    he chose to get off therefore it's a dismount.

    It was a good mince from that point on.

    If it had been me I'd have still felt I was on a win as he appears to have retained the use of all four limbs.

    Edric 64

    A mincing crash wearing armour .If he had stayed on his feet it would have been a mincing dismount


    Excellent comments guys, I think I have about a 60% vote in favour of CRASH!!, so he's gonna have to eat humble pie next time.
    In fairness, my camera angle is rubbish – it was 45-degree, scree slope that was bordering on suicidal. If he didn't stop where he did, it dropped to a 60-degree slope!


    I voted crash. He's no longer on the bike and all the mincing he did prior to coming off seals his fate.


    Funniest thread ever.

    Can't stop laughing from IanMunros comment 😆

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