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  • Spin

    Anyone else out there whose connection is so sh!te it takes half an hour to stream a 3 minute clip?

    I thought a rapid connection was now considered a fundamental human right?

    Premier Icon jimmy

    Balls. About to move from City Centre 40mps to in-the-sticks 4mps (if you’re lucky).

    EDIT: then again, there be chickens in the country.


    I moved from 24mg in town to 8mg in country but never really struggled with it. It’s stable and consistent which is the main thing. I do have a rented VM for any high bandwidth work stuff I need to do, but for spotify, films (in HD) and downloads its fine.

    Troubleshooting BB problems is an arsehole though. Nobody (BT/ISP) wants to take responsibility for it.

    Premier Icon leftyboy

    Hmm I ranted about this a few days ago see rubbish broadband


    Im in town and my connection progressively got worse and worse and worse

    Neither Zen (despite paying £££) or BT could say what the problem was

    BT said it probably wasnt theirs but if they did a site visit and there was nothing obvious Id have to pay them over a hundred quid

    Whilst fuming about this I came home one day to find our phone line flapping in the wind at the telegraph pole
    It turns out it had been rubbing against a tree branch for years probably and eventually got cut in half

    It was fixed after a few days of no phone or broadband which was all I needed to bin both of them



    Are the online speed tests any good? I’m getting pretty different results from different ones. All of them utter pish though.

    Premier Icon scotroutes

    Just been through this. I had 60Mbps, living on the outskirts of Edinburgh. We moved to Aviemore and signed up with Sky. It was pathetic. We’d get 6Mbps around 9am and then off and on throughout the day whereupon it would drop to 250Kbps or less for the rest of the evening. Sky reckoned there was nothing they could do about it as the line to the house is provided by BT Openzone. We swapped to BT Broadband a few weeks back and it’s back up to over 6Mbps most of the time and certainly never drops below 4Mbps.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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