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    1. All transmission is 9 speed
    2. Some of it has been in my stores box for a while so I haven’t retested it. But it certainly worked when it went in there! Any problems, you can send it back for a refund.
    3. The RaceFace Cranks and SLX shifter are less than a year old.
    4. Postage is NOT included. I’ll let people know as they select stuff.
    5. Prices are very cheap. However discounts if you buy loads!
    6. Can get better photos of any components if you like. They’ve had a quick wash but aren’t gleaming.
    7. If you can’t work out which description is which item in the pics, let me know and I’ll pull it out.
    8. Some of the front mechs are quite old and have narrow bands. Noted in descriptions.
    9. Part Numbers included in the description

    Cranks and Bottom Brackets
    RaceFace: Respond Cranks -Condition:Excellent. Model: 170mm Cranks. Notes: 2×9 22/32 + 34T bash. Price £45
    RaceFace: X type BB -Condition:New. Model: . Notes: Never installed. Price £15

    FSA: Platinum Pro Bottom Bracket -Condition:Very Good. Model: Titanium Axle. Notes: 73mm shell. Price £15 (originally £100!)

    Shifters (front)
    Shimano: LX front mech -Condition:good. Model: FD-M570. Notes: sub 30mm band. Price £8
    Shimano: XT front mech -Condition:good. Model: FD-M781. Notes: 31.8 band. Price £10
    Shimano: XT front mech -Condition:good. Model: FD-M761a. Notes: 34.9 band. Price £15
    Shimano: XT front mech -Condition:average. Model: SLM750. Notes: . Price £8
    Shimano: XTR front mech -Condition:Very Good. Model: FD-M960. Notes: 31.8 bar clamp. Price £15
    Shimano: SLX front mech -Condition:Very Good. Model: FD-M667. Notes: 3×9. Price £15
    Shimano: SLX front shifter -Condition:Very Good. Model: SL-M660. Notes: shifter window included. Price £12
    Shimano: XT front shifter -Condition:Average. Model: SL-M750. Notes: . Price £6
    Shimano: LX front shifter -Condition:Good. Model: SL-M570. Notes: . Price £6

    KMC: Singlespeed Chain -Condition:excellent. Model: KMC. Notes: From Medium Hardtail. Price £5

    Assorted Chain Rings (RF/Shimano/Blackspire/Middleburn): 1x42T, 5x32T, 1x34T, 1x22T -Condition:Average. Notes: 9 speed. Price £15 THE LOT
    FSA Afterburner 42T ring. 5 Bolt, no idea of BCD. £5

    Fox: vanilla rc rear shock -Condition:Very Good. Notes: 195mm eye to eye. 400 by 237 spring. 225×285 spring also. Price £45

    Pedals and seatpost
    Time: ATAC pedals -Condition:Average. Model: . Notes: 1 bearing sticky. Price £15
    Ritchey: SeatPost (MTB) -Condition:New. Model: FR-270. Notes: 31.6 / 300mm. Price £10

    Email: alex_leigh100(at)Hotmail(dot)com or reply here

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