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  • Cranks, like XT/SLX but modular, direct mount?
  • Stevelol
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    I’ve always used xt or slx cranks, but have a bike coming (Genesis Tarn) that I wanna mess around with running single speed, geared, and a couple of wheelsets that may be boost and non-boost.

    Would it be wise to buy a direct mount crankset? I know nothing about these, but isn’t it easier to adjust chainline with one of these than standard 4 bolt crank?

    Can anyone recommend a couple of cranksets? External BB. There was a thread a few days ago (about the new Hope cranks I think) where a (Raceface?) model was said to be very similar but XT/SLX price. But I can’t find it.


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    Race Face Aeffect are the 24mm spindle cinch cranks you’re thinking of. And not sure if you can get them yet but the 12s Shimano cranks are direct mount now as well I think.

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    Raceface AEffect. I have them on two of my bikes and when my SLX cranks on the other dies I’ll put a set on that. Check

    Companies like Absolute Black do various aftermarket chainrings in standard, boost and fat chainline versions. I think one model you flip around for boost or fat for example.

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    Great those are the ones, cheers

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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