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  • will1

    Anyone on here using them? Can't decide on what to get but these look very nice. Read the reviews online which seem a bit mixed, just wondered if anyone on here has any experience of them. Cheers


    Have a look at industry 9 wheels fella

    Far better same money 😀


    I'm using a set of iodine's. They came on a nearly new bike I bought recently, so not had a chance to check out the longevity and reliability, but so far they seem really good. Strong, light and very well made. Have seen a few of the smaller dh teams using them on their full dh rigs, so they must have faith in them. Light enough for my xc bike though.

    +1 for the i9s.


    Testing a pair of cobalts at the mo, too soon to comment on longevity and weather has been a bit good.

    They look super, not light enough for the money as an xc race wheel but so far I'd wager they're a bit over built for the claimed purpose. I've been running them on a Five with a 15QR axle and as I'm not the biggest of riders I'd happily run them as a very light trail/AM wheel rather than a race wheel.


    using some iodines for nearly a yaer with no issues.
    they have taken a hammering at regular stainburn days & have held tru & solid.

    very easy to service just like hope pro taking apart regular to clean & lube is a doddle .

    i find a little oil on the ratchet pawls rather than grease is best .

    ill be honest they where a 30th pressie & had it been my money i would of bought some nukeproof or if i was feeling lush some industrie 9,s but having said that they look awesome.


    Cheers all. I will look at the i9's. BB that's good news though – thought they would have been difficult to service so that's a plus point.


    how much are these industry nine wheels then fellas? they sound Expensive :O


    Have a look here

    These wheels are fantastic ,

    Super stiff , instant pick up and a wicked buzzing noise when you are free wheeling


    i think the early crankbrothers had freehub issues which is probably the reason for most negative reviews, apparently this has been sorted now. If i had the cash i would get some, i believe they are super solid…..and it does no harm that they also look the nuts!

    dont forget that people only usually 'review' stuff when something goes wrong with it.


    Pretty sweet and while I sell them, I also have that on very good authority. Freehub goes, which is not so cool but does not seem to happen any longer.


    Those I9's are very nice lookung wheels – even the website is fantastic!! Bloody expensive though.


    "i9 recommends that its wheels are re tensioned after one to three hours' use" from mbr review a while bk i think they have some on long termtest, doesn't sound to helpful to me…

    Premier Icon epicyclo

    I think they look pretty good, especially as they do a 29er set and with no holes in the rim bed, looking good for tubeless.

    What does concern me with wheels like that are that they have their own brand of rim.

    Are these rims readily available, or are you expected to buy a complete new wheel?


    I have been using a set of Cobalt wheels for just over a year now. So far I have been very happy with them, they have stayed totally true and I am still on the original bearing, although I think rear bearings will need changing soon. I really can't fault them.

    I did have the problem with the freehub failing. 2pure sent a new one out very quickly, and it hasn't failed since.


    Re-true after 3 hours AFTER 1st being built

    And they can be built with any rim dependent on hubs

    I run enduro hubs on stan flow rims

    Cost wise £ 685.00 a pair

    seriously guys these wheels make crank brothers look like a bunch of amateurs

    Cough ( joplin made of cheese post) cough


    Surely there are far better wheels for the money than either the Crank Bros or I9?

    Both seem to be a bit weighty for the price. I'd rather buy a set of American Classic wheels or a wheel using Stans ZTR rims – lighter, arguably stronger and cheaper.

    The I9's and Cobalt/Iodine win on looks alone


    Are you Clive of Axelimports by any chance?
    Got a set of I9's this month. Fantastic wheelset!


    I've got two sets of i9's (DT 5.1 and Stans Arch rims); I've been running the DT5.1's for three years; lovely wheels, lightening fast engagement and very easy to maintain.

    Obviously the Crank brothers have a different look to i9’s


    What's so special about i9 wheels? They look a but spangly I'll give you that but are they any better than DT240's/CK's laced to a rim of your choice. Crank Brothers wheelsets at least notably different to the run of the mill.

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