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    The ones that look like flat pedal shoes but have SPD cleats. I bought some the other day and they’re awesome, just wondering if anyone has had any joy using them for both flats and clips?

    I don’t plan to do this just curious. I hired a road bike yesterday and fitted cleats, today I hired an MTB with flats and I removed the cleats. It was rideable with them in place but they fouled the pedals a bit. Just wondering if there’s any combo that works?

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    They’re not terrible as flats but a bit too raised in the middle.

    As an emergency, sure, but that’s about it

    I’ve used them for years, love them.

    If I wanted to ride say to a pub or a shop in normal trainers, they are absolutely fine

    Pretty sure I did this pub run in normal trainers last summer. (9.6 miles to Walton on Thames and back if the link doesn’t work)

    http://Check out my activity on Strava:

    Wouldn’t really want to do much of an off road ride though

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    You could remove the spring from the pedal to make them a bit better with flats, they’re easy to strip down (and in my experience you’ll be rebuilding them fairly often). Seems like a lot of faff for what’d result in a not great flat pedal though.

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    As in using Mallet shoes on clipless and also on flat pedals?
    I think people are thinking you mean the Mallet pedals as opposed to the shoes, but it could just be me.

    Ah yeah, doesn’t read the question properly on account of not knowing they even made mallet shoes.


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    To be fair I only found out they made the shoes a few weeks ago whilst looking for some new ones. They look like a good option for summer.

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    Yes I was talking about the shoes.

    Which are flippin awesome even if they are effectively clips only, that’s not an issue for me since I also have 5:10s. Not that well ventilated, tbh, but I was alright in Dubai at 33C so I think I’ll manage at home.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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