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  • Edric 64

    De-hydration can be a problem use an elecrolyte drink to replenish salts.Has this been a long term problem or is this a new bike where you are not sure of your seat position yet?

    it's happened in the last two rides, I don't get it when reffing rugby, only on the bike, think i'll drop me seat down a bit, perhaps i'm overstretching, and will try electrolyte drinks, and no, not a new bike, had it a few years now


    When running you will use your calve muscles alot, where biking you don't. Check cleat position is central.

    Could be that there needing a good stretch as I think I'm right in satying that running shortens your calve muscles. Do stretches (leaning against a wall stretching the calve and the bent knee calve stretch) they should help.

    I very rarely get cramp in the calf bikibg, more in hamstrings and quads if anywhere


    I had this as im a sweaty bugger – started using SiS electrolyte replacement drinks and forcing myself to drink on long rides.

    Improvement in general fitness also helps so more riding, strectching afterwards and drinks should sort you out.

    Right then, I keep getting cramp in my calves when cycling, (probably the wrong spelling) what could be causing it? seat too high? de-hydrated? too fat and old? any suggestions…..


    Cleat position is important, check your cleats are positioned so the pedal axle is over or just behind the balls of your foot. If the cleat is to far forward it stresses your calve more.

    I've always suffered terribly with cramp. Dyfi Enduro 09 had me in physical 'little girl' tears, with the agony of it all.

    So now, in the 90 mins or so before a ride, I sip/drink at least 1.5 litres of water. Then .75 litres of SiS Go in the first 30 mins of riding. After that, I just force myself to drink a bit more water and SiS Go than I really want to.

    Probably cut out 50-80% of my cramp attacks, depending on other conditions. I think now it's a fuelling problem, rather than liquid. Must eat more, before and during rides!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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