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  • Premier Icon jimmy

    ANyone been? Just saw a trail map for it – think it was south of Peebles but I've never heard of it before.

    Red and Blue route

    Paul McG

    Not a great deal there. OK for a gentle-ish pootle, but the singletrack sections are limited. Was OK on a cyclocross bike, but think it might be s little dull on MTB. Man made sections are not in great nick, and I suspect it's been a while since there was any maintenace.

    It's a long way away too. Approx 30mins from Hawick (which is itself 45 mins from Peebles).



    Great potential… as an estate agent would say.


    I used to really like Craik forest, haven't ridden there for years (over 10 now :oops:) but the SCU XC races used to use it and the courses were ace! (natural obviously). I also raced DH there a fair few times as it was also used as a main Scottish DH venue from around 1995-99.

    Had no idea it had been "trail centred" 😕


    Jim, I wouldn't bother tbh. Long way to go for little reward.

    Premier Icon wonny j

    Ah memories of grim muddy xc races from about 1994.

    Did my first race there on a raleigh outlander. Nick Craig won the main event. After a few years biking I took some time off and made my come back at the Margam Park enduro in 2007 – Nick Craig still winning.

    Craik Forest is grim, though that DH course was always good to watch.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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