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    my daughter was looking for a book about sewing/craft stuff, but came across

    further down the page it says;

    Are you a crazy cat lady? Have you got far too much spare time on your hands? Do you want to learn how to make a creepy finger puppet (akin to something a serial killer might make from his victim’s hair) out of your pets shed fur? Then you’re in luck! This book is exactly what you’re looking for!!

    I was once like you. I used to sit in front of my telly box with my three cats(Prometheus, Socrates and Nigel), wondering how to fill my days, between shouting at rain and sorting through my collection of old Smash Hits magazines, all the while having no idea what to do with the 17 burlap sacks filled with cat hair going to waste in my shed. That is until I stumbled across this book…

    Now I fill my days creating wonderful finger puppets from genuine cat fur and I have the pleasure of sharing my hobby with the world. I show my creations to strangers on the bus (although I’m quite unlucky in that I always decide to show my puppets to people who are getting off at the next stop), I’ve opened up an a web store selling my original creations ([…] – check it out!), I started a cat hair puppet show (although the police have warned me about it) and they make fantastic gifts for all the most important people in my life, like my therapist, my parole officer and the man I sometimes talk to in the supermarket whose name may or may not be Jim.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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