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  • Cracked phone screen stories
  • big yim

    Decided to blow out the charge port on my phone this morning as it hadnt been charging properly. As i did it the screen bent out as the phone inflated. Crack.

    Please tell me your tales of cracked screens so i don’t feel like the only idiot in the village

    I’m not sure any story can make you feel less of an idiot.

    What you blow it out with? An airline at a tyre fitters?


    I cracked mine via the more conventional mechanism; I dropped it 👿

    Still a 2″ wide strip of Selotape meant I kept using it for the next 6 months until I got around to replacing the phone 😛


    Mine cracked while charging. Just sat on the table. Common problem with Sony Xperia phones. Even featured on BBC watchdog. Sony are in denial although apparently do occasionally replace them but normally blame the user.


    I have a history of this
    [*]Rucksack + D-Lock = Crack[/*]
    [*]Back pocket + cycling = Smash[/*]
    [*]Rucksack + bike + OTB = Crack[/*]
    [*]4year old + Wobbly Coffee table + over zealous dad wrestling = Crack[/*]
    [*]Back pocket + Rollercoaster = Crack[/*]
    [*]Inside jacket pocket + headphone leads + bouncing dog = Crack[/*]
    I have pretty much resigned myself to only seeing an un-cracked screen for the first few weeks of ownership

    Premier Icon Jon Taylor

    Sony Experia Z1C. I tried to get my fingernail underneath the screen protector (to peel it off and change it). Little bit of downward pressure. Crack.

    Get that…

    Cracked the screen while attempting to change the screen protector.

    Make you feel any better?

    big yim

    Bongohoohaa. Bodyshop airline and about 120 psi. In hindsight that was probably about 100 psi too much

    Premier Icon jimdubleyou

    My Z3C cracked in my back pocket, but the back not the front.

    I’m never buying a glass backed phone again.

    Premier Icon wallop

    This thread has turned out to be slightly more exciting than I anticipated.

    big yim

    Cracked the screen while attempting to change the screen protector. Jon taylor.
    This eases my pain

    Premier Icon gofasterstripes

    Bought nice phone, was lucky with it for a year.

    Finally dropped it and cracked the screen. Carefully replaced it myself. Since then two other people dropped it and cracked the screen again, twice 🙁

    Not got any money, so decided to live with that, then dropped it myself touring last week. The headphone cable was in causing it to swing in an arc across the bike… until vertical when the cable came out and it dropped straight down.

    Face down. On an unmade road. In front of the rear tyre.


    I was using it to navigate to the campsite, so was despondent. Was thrilled again when I realised it was still shouting directions at me, but the despondence returned at 9pm when I arrived a the “mini camping” to find no-one in, and no contact details.


    Premier Icon mogrim

    Eldest daughter had a life lesson when she cracked the screen on her 6 month old iPad: I had to point out that user inflicted damage isn’t covered by the guarantee 😥

    Premier Icon Rusty Mac

    Sony xperia z1 – cracked twice when my pocket.

    The second time WYSIWYG from this fine forum fixed it for a very reasonable price.

    Premier Icon igm

    I changed a cracked screen and found I had small parts left over afterwards. iPhone 4 where to change the screen you have to completely dis-assemble the phone.

    Phone still worked for a bit.


    iphone SE 2 weeks old, dropped on road as etting off for a ride, smashed screen to bits. Apple want £106 to replace….groan

    Premier Icon jimmy

    Nokia Lumia – slipped out my hand, flat on the face. Crack.

    Z1 – can’t remember how. Crack.

    Z1(2) – I had a protector on for about a year, took it off and a few months of enjoying a lighter pocket I was beginning to feel too lucky. Fell through slats of pub table. Crack.

    Current phone has protection.

    Premier Icon oldnpastit

    I’ve replaced the screen on one of my children’s Motorola phones, and also on a laptop, it was pretty straightforward.

    My Huawei Honor 6 has survived all sorts of gravity-assisted abuse, so far without anything more than a few minor scratches.


    Redstripe £35 plus pnp..

    Premier Icon mountainman

    Broke 3 phones in space of 2 mnths ,falling off getting used to SPDs on mountain bike,usually when stopping and forgetting to clip out.
    Orange insurance replaced 2 ,3rd was down to me as i didn’t want to push another claim /lie to get it replaced,so e-bay cheapo replacement .

    Premier Icon P-Jay

    Current iPhone 6 has had a tough 18 months – first the screen delaminated, could have had Apple to to replace it FOC but they wanted a week to get a appointment with a ‘Genius’ to tell me it’s knackered so I had it replaced by a guy we use in work, it lasted a week before I dropped it and it exploded, took it back for another screen, this one was a disaster, got very hot and caused the battery to drain in 3 hours, so it went back again, this time he wanted to change the battery to ‘be sure’ and managed to destroy the wire to the lock screen, so had it back for 3 days without a lock button, lots of pocket dials later back in for the wire and another screen (it’s 5th) and it’s all working now, apart from lots of lighter and darker parts of the screen and the finger print reader has failed completely, probably because he got it mixed up with another button.

    I know it’s lovely having a thin, smooth phone – but I can’t help think the iPhone 4 era ones with the metal band around the outside were tougher – this has had a cover since new, but it’s basically scrap.

    Not mine but a colleagues.

    Brand new fancy pants Nokia thing out of the box, he decide to showcase the inbuilt spirit level app by placing it in my drill stand. It turns out that my stand was a couple of degrees out so I gave it a gentle tap to level it off, which in turn launched said Nokia into a pile of alloy and swarf.

    Not only did I shag the screen but also the speaker.

    My Sony Z3 flew out my hand, whilst I was on the phone and landed face down on a large rock.

    Smashed and wouldn’t work at all.


    WYSIWYG does he do Surface Pro 3?

    Left Pro 3 on bed, took daughter out to Kidzania, came back, SP3 was on the floor, SP3 was behaving oddly, as I reset it I realised the digitzer was cracked – Mrs Q denied all knowledge, although admitted to putting it on the floor.

    M$ quoted me a resonable 300GBP to replace, I couldn’t justify it at the time, plus MrsQ hadn’t admitted it yet

    9months later, when she tried to swipe up on the screen I reminded her she couldn’t as she had broken it – finally confessed.

    Bought a Surface 3 cheap

    Premier Icon TiRed

    Bought blackberry. Dropped it lots of times. Screen did not break. Repeated this loop about six times with the same outcome. Teen1 seems to have permanently broken screens on his iPhones. The Samsung screens is Mrs TiRed and teen2 seem a little more robust. Just two broken so far. I don’t understand why people put up with it to be honest.

    Premier Icon tonyg2003

    Got a new insurance replacement phone and I dropped it the first day I got it 🙁


    one htc was on the bed and i flung the covers open next morning forgetting it was there, flew onto a tiled floor. a nokia lumia set on a shelf beside the stereo , had the music loud and the vibrations knocked it onto the floor. same lumina was fixed , took it out in work was up on a scissor lift, dropped out of my hand about 7m drop smashed again and survived .used away at it with smashed screen. only changed as battery life was getting shit and cracked screen was getting annoying.

    Premier Icon DezB

    Mate of mine used to get all the new mobiles to test before anyone else. Used to get me phones too, which was nice.
    One day we were walking to the shops at lunch. “Hey look”, he says, “iPhone 5s, just come out today” Pulls it out of his pocket, drops it straight on the path. *shatter* oh shit. 😆

    Premier Icon hot_fiat

    Dropped my iPhone 4 onto the concrete floor in the TSA screening area of Kona airport. Glass everywhere right in the part where people were walking to put their shoes bsck on having been screened, or rather their flip flops onto their bare feet. D’oh! TSA, being TSA didn’t give a fig.

    Premier Icon sirromj

    when working as an injection moulding machine operator, whilest waiting for the machine cycle to complete was playing drums with my snips. crack.

    purchased a new touch screen from the internet and fixed it myself. broke mic.

    Premier Icon seosamh77

    Broke it, bought a new screen, fixed it.

    Bout as exciting a story as I can muster.

    Premier Icon welshfarmer

    I was welding on an RSJ 20 foot up a ladder in the saw mills with my phone in the top pocket of my overalls. A single blob of weld somehow managed to drop into the pocket and melt the glass of the screen causing it to crack. I bought new screen and changed it no worries but in so doing the charge port packed in within 2 days! Had to buy a new phone in the end so should have saved the money of new screen and done it first as last


    Brand new Xperia Z1 with the supposed extra tough glass screen, slipped out of my pocket a few times on to the floor at work and out my pocket when I stepped out of the car without a problem.
    Slipped off the arm of the sofa and landed on the carpeted floor just right to completely dhatter the screen.

    Premier Icon timber

    Friend decided to teach his gun dog to retrieve his phone when it rang, thought the big tough case would protect it as had survived the farm and build projects. Dog trying to get a good grip left multiple cracks.

    Nokia 3210, the work phone that went on and on. Even when left on lorry dashboard, windows down, full tilt around a roundabout. The phone slided across the dash and out the window on a 3 lane roundabout. Stopped and went back for it, just a few scuffs, screen fine, everything fine.

    Edit: or for general screen cracking, thumped a bit of trim back onto the car after replacing the pollen filter and created a half metre crack across the screen.


    Premier Icon PePPeR

    IPhone 4, first day of ownership, sat on a bench at a pub, it slipped out of my pocket and cracked, I was gutted.

    LG G2, dropped put of pocket whilst out on a bike ride, driven over by hundreds of cars, one stopped and my emergency number was still legible, replaced screen and it worked again, but it cracked whilst sat on the side.

    Samsung note 2 dropped loads of times and it finally cracked loved the phone so had it replaced and it lasted two days before cracking again.

    Original moto g lasted 3 years before one final drop put a slight crack across the screen.

    I run a LG G flex 2 now, bendable screen 😀

    Premier Icon tenfoot

    Around 4am I decided I needed to go to the toilet, whilst competing in Bedgebury’s Insomnia 12 hour endurance race.
    I hung my pack up on the toilet cubicle door, only for it to come crashing down. At the end of the race, took my phone out to discover cracked screen.

    Current phone has protection.


    Jiayu S3: waited 6 weeks for it to arrive from China, used it for 1 full day and it fell out of my pocket MTBing on a forest road. Cracked screen and touchscreen stopped working, back to my old moto g, ho hum!


    Quirrel > Finding a replacment of correct model appear impossible. Versions sold as replacments ebay and elsewhere do not have coresponding numbers or connectors at least to the model I have and I am told models other than 1.1 are rare.


    ^ cheers that is about what I found when I last looked into it. Heating my screen up in an oven as well seemed a bit much.

    – I use my borked SP3 with digitizer turned off for general duties and a Surface 3 for work and note taking.

    I toy with the idea of fixing it, but then I may as well have just bought an SP4/5 samsung or something similar.

    Premier Icon CountZero

    Bought blackberry. Dropped it lots of times. Screen did not break. Repeated this loop about six times with the same outcome. Teen1 seems to have permanently broken screens on his iPhones. The Samsung screens is Mrs TiRed and teen2 seem a little more robust. Just two broken so far. I don’t understand why people put up with it to be honest.

    Put up with what?
    If you mean large touch-screen phones being susceptible to screen damage, well that’s the result of demanding ever larger devices to make usage easier – a larger, thinner device will undergo greater leverage and as a result be more likely to fracture, especially when stuck in the back pocket of a tight pair of jeans and then sat on!
    Certainly the old iPhone 4/4S were very robust, but a bit small and fiddly to use, the 5/5S was a bit easier to use, but I don’t think the alloy unibody structure was as good.
    There’s talk of the iP8 next year may go back to a metal frame with glass front and rear; if they go back to a more rigid stainless steel frame, that would be a Good Thing, or even better, Liquidmetal, which has been in development since forever, but any alloy structure is going to be at risk of fracture if dropped or bent, just because of the sheer size that people seem to be demanding, irrespective of make. The number of Samsung, LG and other Far East makes I’ve seen in use with cracked and smashed screens is amazing, far more than iPhones.
    My 6+ is in an Otterbox, with a glass screen protector, instead of the useless original plastic one, and so far it’s survived being dropped a number of times.
    Makes it a hell of a lot more bulky, though, so swings and roundabouts.

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