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  • cracked hope pro 2 hub
  • finally think ive sourced my creak – had a new steel freehub fitted today, and upon inspection/cleaning the hub a bit more….noticed on the non drive side flange bit (where the spokes go in) that the there is a crack right through the whole thing, guessing this will be a warranty replacement….heard of it before and was told to check the hub for cracks due to the creak ive been getting but never really checked thoroughly 🙁

    question is will it be kill me if i do a couple of more rides before sending in?

    ive had the creak for about 2 months plus, so it must have been there a while this crack…or will i die?? 😆


    Sods law says that if you hadn’t seen the crack, the hub would last indefinitely.

    Now that you’ve seen it though…**(sucks lots of air through teeth whilst shaking head)**



    bit of a pain in the ass if it breaks out on the trail. might aswell send it off asap.

    its so gutting though ive just had the hub bearings done and everything, wish id have bloody checked a bit mroe indepth before 🙁

    got a big riding weekend to next weekend so i hope HOPE play ball 🙁

    usually pretty amazing with stuff so im hopeful….

    do they rebuild the wheel onto the rim im guessing? without charging?

    its gonna cost a small fortune to send in via special delivery as it is 🙁

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    It’s reasonably common that (*), and yep it will get worse. Hope are good at fixing it though. Surprised whoever did the bearings didn’t notice!

    (*people still say it’s a bad batch, but that’s never true is it? Certainly isn’t here, they’ve been doing it for as long as there’s been pro 2s. Still I don’t mind, it’s rare enough that I’m not worried about mine)

    Premier Icon MartynS

    don’t ride it…

    this happened to mine when I put pressure on the pedals to climb a short hill!

    Hope were brilliant, despite it being 18 months old there was no question about replacing it.

    New one still working!!

    Premier Icon chimpymcchimp

    That pic is exactly what happened to mine (while in the Alps, unfortunately).

    Hope were awesome: they said they’d replace the hub for free and lace it into my rim for £20, so I sent the wheel to them and got it back about 2 days later. And they didn’t charge me 🙂

    It cost about £6 to post with royal mail I think.


    Happened to my Pro2 rear,2years or so old. Hope where great with the warranty, think I had it back within the week.

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